With Christmas fast approaching and kids ‘toys I want’ lists getting longer and longer by the day, from a parent’s perspective, are these latest craze Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) worth buying, or would you be better off buying one of the other toys on the list?

With Zhu Zhu hamsters having recently secured a position on the Toys r Us hot Christmas list, you can be sure that come Christmas day, most kids will be the proud owner of one…at least. So Christmas day comes and your daughter’s friends are all showing off their cute toy hamsters and she asks you why she is the only one without one, especially as they only cost $7 retail, you will obviously have a very practical and responsible reply that will immediately convince her that she simply doesn’t need one!

The fun. Without a doubt, kids of all ages love these little furry hamsters. Parents find them pretty cool too (well I do anyway!). The great thing about them, besides the four different hamster choices each having different personalities and acting differently, different aspects of these interactive toy pets appeals differently to each child. Girls love the affectionate mode and pampering and taking care of it, almost in a real hamster pet fashion. Boys on the other hand love to see them go fast and do all the cool tricks and moves that they do in explore mode. So whether you’re buying a hamster toy this Christmas for a girl or boy, they will equally be thoroughly entertained and have literally hour after hour of fun…and that’s from personal experience! Ah, a sudden surge of relaxation time for mom!

There is a great range of accessories available for Zhu Zhu hamster toys, from houses to cars to surfboards. All of the add-ons integrate together, so your kid’s can slowly build up a gigantic fully functional hamster habitat. This will not only extend the amount of creativity that your child shows, but also provide an exponential surge in fun and excitement and add on hours of additional time that they spend using it all, without the alternative need to now substitute the hamster for the other latest toy.

How many children these days plead with their parents for a real hamster and for one practical reason or another, it is just not a good idea. Well for those parents in the same boat, you’ll be glad to know that these cute hamster toys are turning out to be a real alternative to the real deal but without the mess and responsibility that goes along with a live pet. I know it doesn’t sound right, but sometimes these days parents just have to be a bit sneaky!

If you are anything like me, I try as hard as I can to keep my daughters away from continual idle entertainment such as video games and marathon TV sessions. I love toys that make them be creative, think and if they get some exercise at the same time, all the better. These Zhu Zhu hamster toys took me completely by surprise. It’s amazing the different things that they think of getting the hamster to do around the house and with all of the various accessories that I have ended up buying and as for exercise, well my little one gets plenty chasing Mr Squiggles from room to room when he goes into explore mode.

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