As a parent, when our daughters were very small, both my husband and I were perhaps safety extremists when it came to letting them play with anything. Subconsciously, all toys were assessed for small parts that could come loose in my daughters’ mouths or any parts that could cause them harm when we turn our backs for a second. We were fortunate that toy manufacturer laws and regulations go such a long way in protecting our children here in the US and 99% of the time if we bought toys that were recommended for our daughters’ ages, then there were no issues. Of course, toy production mistakes do happen and some toys do slip through the numerous safety nets, the safety issues of which only come out when huge numbers have been sold. Now that huge numbers of Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters or Zu Zu Pets hamsters) have been sold and perhaps every type and age of child has had a chance to thoroughly test them, like only kids can test them, you now get a chance to see what the safety feedback concerns are.

These interactive hamster pet toys are actually manufactured by a company called Cepia who recommend that both their hamster toys and hamster accessories are only suitable for children of 4 years and older. I’m sure that they would love to not have any age limit on them and in doing so enlarge their market customer base, but laws are laws and regulations are regulations and Cepia makes the necessary warning in order to both comply and perhaps even as an internal agreement.

Parents may or may not realize, but these kids hamster toys scurry around on battery powered revolving wheels. As interactive electronic toys, the outer hamster structure obviously shields the necessary electronics inside. Once again, regulations and Cepia’s own internal quality standards ensure that the design is at a standard to ensure maximum safety.

The toy hamster itself moves from place to place on a set of wheels that when on a new set of batteries and placed in open space in explore mode, can actually move pretty fast. This is part of the fun of these hamster toys for kids that love to chase them around, but it does mean that the wheels do rotate at the required fast speed. Common sense should dictate here, which would be the same for any toy that you purchase for your child that has external moving parts, don’t let your child stick their fingers in or let anything get caught in the spinning wheels, such as hair. A parent has commented that her daughter’s skin was pinched and her hair got caught up, but the incident seems to be isolated incident and not voiced as a common issue. Can this happen? I’m sure it can. You child could also get their hair caught in their normal bicycle wheel, but unless the bicycle had been designed with the spinning wheel at head height, I don’t think it would be a warranted reason to ban it. There is always risk, it is up to you to assess how great a risk it is in making your decision to buy or not.

Obviously these hamsters are electronic, battery based toy pets and not real hamsters, so again common sense would tell any parent that water would not be the best combination. One parent did voice her dissatisfaction that when her son submerge his toy hamster in water, that is stated to malfunction. I should imagine it would and am sure it would not be covered by any form of warranty. Let’s also hope that the little boy doesn’t get given a real hamster as a replacement!

So, are Zhu Zhu Pets hamster toys safe for your kids? That really is your own personal choice and it really is up to you to make that decision. From the facts and reports it would seem that any safety incidents, especially when within the recommendations of the manufacturer, seem very few and far between, with the overall parent and kid feedback focusing on just how much fun and entertainment value they are.

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