a wood chew and a wheel, although my hamster’s is connected to the outside. Leia (my hamster) appreciates the tubes that are connected to the cage. Also, if you get a running ball, you may have to tape the top to the ball, because it is possible the hamster will chew through the connectors like mine has many times.
Although it will make your cage smell better, I strongly do NOT recommend the chlorophyll litter because I have had two hamsters and a few mice die right after using it.
Another helpful tip is never use pine wood chip litter in the cage. This will make it sick and will most likely die.
I also do not recommend most water bottles that come with cages. I had to replace the flat tipped water bottle with an angled ball type water bottle which had to be hooked on with a wire coat hanger that had to be cut and bent to hold the bottle in place.

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