i use CareFresh( i got it from petsmart) and me and my 2 dwarf hamsters LOVE IT!!!! it really absorbs wetness and keeps in odor, and you only have to clean it out FULLY about every 2 weeks, depending on ur hammie. my hammies have a certain spot where they go to the bathroom, so i just clean up that spot every coupla days. it is very soft, and my hammies love to burrow in it. its not dusty either, so no little particles get in my pets eyes. another reason why i love it is because you can buy it it so many different colors!!!! i currently have blue, my fav color, and it works great!!! i also love how you can buy them in many different sizes! the medium size is only five dollars if you have a petsmart card! heres a link:http://www.petsmart.com/family/index.jspā€¦
sorry ur gonna have to copy and paste it into the search browser. Hope i helped!! and good luck!!

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