my two hamsters both have 10 gallon aquarium tanks and normally I can come up with some pretty unique ideas how to decorate the tank for them-not today…my one hammie is a siberain dwarf and he has the entire living room set-up from the pet store (including lamp food dish, a couch filled with chew toys, two tv beds, and a rocking chair that we keep his salt block in, as well as a smaller cage attached) the other hammie is a European who used to belong to my man and is now in my care (he was neglected and as a result is antisocial – he is in the process of rehabilitation which seems to be going well, however if anyone has any suggestions for proper hamster rehabilitation?) the European hammie has a snack shack for a bed a water bowl and a food bowl thats about it…they both have ALOT of tubes (almost $100 worth of tubes all together) and they are both litter box trained with the proper outhouse and hammie litter… I plan to clean their cages today and rearrange them
any suggestions?

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