I have a 2.5 year old chinese dwarf hamster. In the past few months she has what appears to be a blood blister. It appeared on one of her little toes, but has now spread and basically overtaken her whole leg, up to the thigh. I know she has to be in pain and it looks like it would just burst at any second. I doubt she can be saved, and I don’t want to let her suffer, so I was wondering if vets did put them to sleep, and if so, is it cheap since theyre so small anyway??

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my hamster is very old and i have a intrest in birds how much would it cost to buy all of the accesories for the cage

Would He?

Would I Be Able To Get Another Gerbil?

I bought a gerbil in August of last year. He was alone in the cage at the pet store that I bought him at, but when I go back every now and then, there are at least two gerbils in stock.
I have also been researching gerbils lately, and it says that they like company. So now I’m wondering if it is possible for me to buy another gerbil.
My gerbil is a male, if it helps.

I want one of them but I am not which one to get. I would want something that I can hold and stroke, one that is awake during the day and one that does not smell bad

i would like to buy a gerbil but first i need to know the cost, how much would a male and female cost at a petsmart in minnesota?

I am considering taking my male 8-9 month old hamster to the vet because it is urinating blood.

My gerbils had an unexpected litter 3 weeks ago. I want to get rid of the daddy asap. My neighbour is going to take the daddy away but would also like one of the pups (to share a cage). I obviously can’t give away one of the pups this early as i can’t sex them until five weeks. Could i give the daddy away tomorrow and then give them a pup when it is five weeks or would they just fight?

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