The hairless spot is about an inch long.

Okay, I’m gonna buy a teddy bear hamster soon and I’m gonna buy the cage before the pet hamster and I’m not sure what to buy
I’m thinking about getting the my first home for hamsters or one of the plastic ones but which one is better?
can he chew through the plastic home ?

I am wanting to use the cage for a new hamster

The color of the cage wasn’t the one I wanted, so I was wondering if it was safe for your hamster to have a cage, PARTICALLY painted with Acrylic Non-toxic paint?

Will A Gerbil Mate With Their Realtives?

I was thinking about getting a female/male pair of gerbils but will a mother gerbil start mating with her sons, a father gerbil with his daughters and/or will the gerbil siblings mate with each other?

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I have two guinea pigs (for now).. A boar and a pregnant sow. I’m about to get a hamster with all its necessities, but I was wondering if it would be safe for me to put a hamster in the cage with my guinea pigs. If so will they get along and adapt? will they be able to eat the same food? could I be able to set uo the cage where certain things are only accessible to the hamster? Than you

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I wanted to get a hamster since I was little. I just wanted to know how much the maintenance will be, and the hamster its self. THANX!!

What Are Some Games To Play With A Hamster?

I have a fancy,female hamster. What are some games to play with them? I already have a ball and wheel for her. I build houses out of Lego’s for her. What other fun things can I do?

Hamster Cage With Many Tubes?

im getting a hamster soon and i might want to get a hamster cage that pretty much made of all tubes like on rugrats (lol). can u give me a link for a site that sells them and can it please be a site where they are prety cheap.

I want to know what type of foods I can mix in my hamsters food bowl with his ordinary food. I know you can put in some uncooked oatmeal, but what else can you feed your hamster daily mixed in with his ordinary hamster food? I want to give him raisins is that ok?

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