I have a 2.5 year old chinese dwarf hamster. In the past few months she has what appears to be a blood blister. It appeared on one of her little toes, but has now spread and basically overtaken her whole leg, up to the thigh. I know she has to be in pain and it looks like it would just burst at any second. I doubt she can be saved, and I don’t want to let her suffer, so I was wondering if vets did put them to sleep, and if so, is it cheap since theyre so small anyway??

It Ok To Sleep Next To Hamster Cage?

I love to watch them while I sleep. But my mom she said it’s not good for your health.

I recently purchased a winter white dwarf hamster. I love to play with her and she seems so enjoy it too, but I don’t want to be keeping her awake. How long should she sleep?

It varies from gerbil to gerbil. My gerbils sleep a good portion of the day. I’d say they may sleep about 18+ hours a day. However, I can always wake them up and they’re ready to play.

I gave her nice bedding when i bought her. She can burrow in her bedding and its very soft. But she ignores it and sleeps in her wheel. Could her sleeping in her wheel cause health problems and why does she do this?


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