Hamster Cage Selection

Are you ready to take home your newest pet hamster? Have you already bought a hamster cage for your pet before you purchased it? Well, before buying a pet hamster, it is important that you already got the best hamster cage for your hamster. Remember that your pet must live in a stress-free environment in order for it to stay happy and always healthy. Finding the right cage is a great way to make your hamster feel comfortable, happy and contented.

There are many kinds of hamster cage that you can find in pet stores. Hamster cages are available in different styles, color and size. In picking out the best hamster cage for your pet, here are some tips that you should consider.

1.) Correct size

Find out what breed your hamster is and how big it is. Depending on the breed, several hamsters can be smaller than the others if it is small then you can look for a much smaller cage compared to the bigger ones for huge hamsters. However, make sure that the cage is not too small for your pet. Dwarf hamster should be set in small or medium-sized cages. You could purchase a cage with the size of feet in floor area and 1 foot tall. On the other hand, golden hamsters certainly would need a larger cage to live in.

2.) Clean and spacious cage

Some cages already contain many accessories inside which sometimes make it looked cramped. Hamsters enjoy roaming and running around so it is essential to have a spacious and clean cage without unneeded accessories. Some objects might harm your hamster so make sure to take it off. You should also choose a cage that is not difficult to clean and with less attached objects.

3.) Security and safety

Another important factor to consider when selecting a cage is the design which can be harmful or unsafe to your pet. Some cages are barred and have small spaces to protect a hamster from slipping out of the cage. You have to choose carefully from the different variety of barred cages because some hamsters are very small and may accidentally slip or get stuck in spaces between bars. It is also recommended to choose aquarium or plastic modular cages.

4.) Ventilation

Breathing air is also significant for hamsters to remain healthy hence it is essential to buy a cage with proper ventilation. Correct ventilation implies having sufficient air go inside the cage to avoid getting your hamster suffocated.

Follow all the tips mentioned so that you can choose the best hamster cage where your hamster can live in and stay happy and healthy.

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Common Hamster Behavior

How important is it to understand your pet’s behavior? Did you conduct a research before you purchased the pet you have now? Well, before buying a pet you should first learn their behavior so that you will know how you can adjust to them and how to handle them well. Experts say that knowing your pet’s natural behavior is the key to a stress-free and well-balanced relationship with your pet. It is essential that you build good relationship with your pet hamster so you will have fun together. Hamsters are same with other pets that have unique behavior which the owner should be aware of. You should learn how to handle hamsters and even tame them so they won’t bite. It is not enough that you find them cute and cuddly.

Do you know that hamsters are solitary in nature? A hamster hate to live in a cage with fellow hamsters. They like to be on their own although there are breeds like Dwarf hamsters that can live in couples or groups as long as they are introduced to other hamsters at a young age. In the first three to four weeks of life, young hamsters are usually driven away by their moms to be on their own. Thus, they are used to having things their way and do not count much on other hamsters.

Hamsters are generally clean and odorless compared to other pets. They usually separate their bed with their eating containers and even make a separate place for them to play. They are not used to getting dirty so owners should see to it that the things inside their hamster’s cage is well-organized so that their pet will enjoy its stay inside the cage.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals which means they are asleep during the days and awake at night. At nighttime, they like to play, make some noise and do their stuff. Be sure to put their hamster cage in a portion of your home where you and your family will not be disturbed when sleeping.

Hamsters also love to dig holes and stay in tunnels. That is why cage accessories like artificial tunnels with several chambers were created. Hamsters can play and crawl inside the tunnel. You can purchase these tunnels in different pet stores and these are sold in different forms, sizes and colors. Make sure the tunnel you chose will fit inside your hamster’s cage.

Lastly, hamsters like to chew or nibble just about any food or object that they can grab. To keep them great health make sure to get rid of objects that can injure your pet and provide them only healthy foods. You can also buy accessories like a “chewer” that you can give to your pet hamster to chew.

Since you are now aware of the basic behavior of hamsters, it is time for you to buy one. Be a responsible owner and provide your pet with their basic needs.

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Breeding of Hamsters

Are you prepared for the next step in taking care of your pet hamsters? Do you know how to breed them so they can produce more hamsters? Apart from supervising the development of your pet hamsters and playing with them from time to time, there will surely come a time when your pet hamster would want to have his own family. It would seek a mating partner and of course have their cute offspring. They’d love to see 10 little cuties demanding for their mom’s milk. Of course, pet owners especially kids would also be delighted and get excited to see little hamsters come out. However, before that time comes, you must be ready enough to assume more tasks and know more about hamster breeding.

For first time breeders, it is better to follow the conventional way of breeding which is breeding a hamster with one of its own breed. Just give the cross breeding to animal experts because they are the only ones who can best handle cross breeding. If you have a pet dwarf hamster partner, find a male dwarf hamster and let them mate. Some hamsters are solitary when it comes to dealing with fellow hamsters so make sure to introduce them early. Hamsters are less solitary when it comes to dealing with same breed.

Animal experts say that hamsters start to get sexually active at the age of 6 weeks but then they are still too young to do so this often results to cannibalism. Of course you wouldn’t want your pet to eat their or harm their babies right? Make sure to stop them from mating at this early. The best age for a hamster to have a baby is when they reach 2-3 months old but not longer than 6 months because this may result to some birth complications. Monitor the age of your hamster so you will know the best time to breed.

If you are curious to know how many time females hamsters give birth then the answer is only two to three times. You need to wait 3-4 months before you can breed them again. Same with us humans, female hamster’s body need to heal and recover after the antagonizing process of giving birth. You can expect about 2 babies per birth and very seldom it can raise 3 babies. You are very lucky if this happens.

Well, if you are going to start breeding your hamsters now, them you should keep in mind that hamsters are mostly anti-social so be prepared to separate the two hamsters if you notice they are getting violent.. Make sure to use your protective gloves in splitting them for you might get bitten. If they connect well, then leave them for about 15 minutes then part them afterward or upon seeing that they are losing interest.

Reading helpful guides and articles about hamster breeding is very important so you can properly breed your hamsters.

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Caring Tips For Your Hamster

Breeding hamsters have become quite common nowadays. However, when you are on the go for buying a hamster you must ensure that you are well acquainted with certain facts regarding breeding a hamster. You must be well informed about the habits, housing, health and safety of a hamster. You should also know how to clean the cage of a hamster, how they communicate with people and other hamsters. Besides these you must also be aware of their activity level.

Hamsters basically have a definite food habit. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must change the water in the cage regularly with fresh water. There is special type of food available only for the hamster. This type of food is basically mixture of seeds, pellets, corn and grains. It is very important to provide the food in a bowl so that the hamster cannot destroy it by chewing.

Hamsters generally prefer fresh food like nuts, seeds, grains and fresh vegetables like apples, spinach, lettuce and carrots. Some food that the hamsters do not prefer is chocolate, candy, any type of junk food, potatoes, beans, onions and some other food of the same type.

The hamster will live out most of its life with the kind of habits that you make them adopt. So you must make sure that the habit should keep the hamster healthy and happy. There are many types of cages available for a hamster like the wire cages, aquariums and cage aquarium combos. This type of housing is best suited for the hamsters but you should make sure that you have proper accessories.

Since hamsters are known chewers, make sure that they do not have any access to anything that they could hurt themselves on, including wires and anything with sharp edges. Everything they are able to access should be safe for them. Also, teach young children to be gentle with their pets, and avoid having other pets come in contact with hamsters.

When it comes to the health of the hamsters you must make sure that you know all the symptoms when they do not seem to be in good health. Some of the common symptoms are dull eyes, matted coat, less activity during the night and diarrhea. As soon as you feel that your hamster is not well, get it checked by a vet.

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