I put my hamster in my room for the day and the cage has a wheel and it goes on it and it dus my heading so i put it in the kitchen is that ok ?

The hairless spot is about an inch long.

Does Anyone Have Any Good Gerbil Pair Names?

I am adopting two baby gerbils and need some suggestions for names. I don’t want anything long, silly or just weird. Short and sweet are just fine. So far I have Dusty and Scooter. Tell me what yo think. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

the rotastak big cages aren’t really designed for dwarf hamsters, Syrians yes
so you’ll have too get some metal ladders up the tubes so they can reach they should be right at home then :)

I have a 2.5 year old chinese dwarf hamster. In the past few months she has what appears to be a blood blister. It appeared on one of her little toes, but has now spread and basically overtaken her whole leg, up to the thigh. I know she has to be in pain and it looks like it would just burst at any second. I doubt she can be saved, and I don’t want to let her suffer, so I was wondering if vets did put them to sleep, and if so, is it cheap since theyre so small anyway??

You need to wait until at least four weeks to sell the pups. 6 weeks is preferred. This is also when you should separate the young by gender. :)

Yes i change the cage often.

How Do I Persuade My Mum To Let Me Have A Hamster?

My mum has bought me 2 Spaniels and I used to have 2 rabbits and 2 hamsters. They all died of old age exept the spaniels who are beside me now. My mum wont buy me another hamster even though i have the cage and everything. She thinks i wont look after it even though I WILL. I know i will. Its so unfair . HELP!

Heavy Metal Music

Not usually. If you buy from a pet store, they give you a little foldable box with holes to take it home in.

it’s the second day with my hamster and i had my friend over. she said that your supossed to put some paper towel in there for it to make a nest. But my mom thinks my hamster might eat it. will it be alright if i put papper towel for it to have a nest?it’s already started to work on it.?

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