Aquarium As Hamster Cage?

I am thinking of using a glass aquarium as a hamster cage. I plan to pu t bedding at the bottom, a wheel, a water bottle, chew toys, and a food dish. I heard that there are ventilation issues, but if i leave the top open, would that help?

I’m looking for a dwarf hamster and I would like to know how much it costs to buy one and everything that they need to survive. I only have 60 dollars.

Whats The Best Hamster Cage?

I’m getting a Syrian hamster. Whats the best cage (don’t care about price)?

ATV Axles

She has different levels to play. A chew toy, ball, tube, wheel a hanging toy with carrot and an excercise ball. She is about 3mth old and seems very friendly, we bought her on sat, is this just habit?

Do You Know Of Any Good Hamster Cages?

I’m thinking about getting a syrian hamster. I do not want to buy a Crittertrail or any other kind of cheap plastic-tubey cages. Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive, large cage suitable for a syrian hamster?

There are many differences. These are some things they have in common:
Both rodents
Both small
Both are burrowing animals (I think)
Both have about the same diet
Both have about the same lifespan
These are some reasons to how they are different:
Hamsters are nocturnal (gerbils are diurnal)
Gerbils have long, furry tail (hamster have really short ones)
Gerbils are very social and in the wild live in groups while hamster are solitary
Gerbils tend to be more hyper and active
Gerbils stink less because of the next reason
Gerbils are desert animals and drink less water
Gerbils tend to bite less
This is all I can think of!

Farmville secrets

Zhu Zhu Pets For Every Kid

These toys have become a popular public demand all over the world. Kids and parents love them for they are a toy and a pet in one. They have taken the toy industry by storm as kids have desired this new innovation. There is now a replacement for real life hamsters. Zhu Zhu Pets are now available for kids to enjoy. Be excited as your child experience an amazing kind of interactive toy.

Growing up seems to be the most exciting part of a child. Various hobbies and interests have taken much of a child’s time. Some are find of playing toys, while others like to collect stamps, stickers, figurines and other stuff. Others want to play music while others like sports. Other kids are fond of outdoor activities such as camping, swimming and hiking while others prefer indoor tasks like watching television, cooking and baking.

With the things I mentioned, having a pet is one of the interests that caught their attention as they grow up. Every home is complete when there is a pet present in the household. Pets are part of the family and considered in the budget most of the time. Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fishes and hamsters are the common types. Each child is entertained and amazed how a pet develops as they take care of them.

Hamsters, is one of those pets that is easy to take care. With new innovation, there is now an interactive toy hamster that is affordable that very kid and parent would want. These are not just toys but they are responsive enough that you will be amazed on how they react towards situations. This is an amazing invention!

With how wonderful it is, these have become a crowd favorite and it is easy to market especially during holidays. This toy has changed the level of how a toy should be. It is not just a mere toy but an interactive and entertaining kind of device for kids to have fun and parents to teach their child to take care of them. Now these Zhu Zhu Pets are for kids to explore!

Find out more about zhu zhu pets by visiting the authors site and find zhu zhu pets for sale that are entertaining and fun for your children.

Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage

Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage

The Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage is a fully outfitted home that allows your gerbil, hamster, or mouse plenty of room to play and exercise in. No doubt, your pet will remain engaged and interested with the vented plastic exercise wheel, colorful tubes, and 2 platforms for easy access to food and water. A wire door on top allows you easy access. The sturdy plastic yellow base and black collapsible coated-wire cage assemble easily with no tools needed and no n (more…)

The Hamster Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

Barron?s Pet Handbooks look very much like Barron?s Complete Pet Owner?s Manuals, but the Handbooks are larger?more pages, more text, more color photos, and more detailed pet-care advice. This brand-new title will be of special value to parents of younger kids who are keeping hamsters, to older children who can read the book on their own, and of course, to adults who keep hamsters as a hobby. The author explains everything hamster owners need to know about the animal?s life cyc (more…)

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Super Pet Hamster Potty

The hamster potty was developed to take advantage of your small animals natural instinct to go potty in one specific area of their home. The hamster potty can be placed anywhere inside of any hamster or gerbil home and it comes complete with free sample of potty litter and sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter. Yes, you really can potty train your small animal pet.


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