A hamster is a domesticated animal that belongs to the rodent family. Hamsters are now popular household pets that many people especially kids love to take care of. Same with other house pets, hamsters also seek attention and need training in order to be tamed to become friendlier to humans. If you decide to pick a hamster as a pet, then make sure you are responsible enough and can set time to supervise the growth of your hamster and play with it.

In picking out a hamster, it is wise to select one that is about 4 to 8 weeks old. According to animal experts, hamsters at this age are easily trained compared to hamsters that are more than 8 weeks old. Now, before finally getting a hamster, you should make sure that you already have a hamster cage and you know where to place it. Hamsters hate to be under the sun so find a cozy part of your home where you can place the hamster cage.

As expected, your hamster will surely leave some mess like droppings in their cage. Hamsters eat often so be prepared in cleaning up the droppings in their hamster cage to remove foul odor. Of course, it is less smelly compared to the feces of dogs and cats. One way to minimize the odor and avoid cleansing from time to time is to use pine wood shavings and lay it on the hamster cage floor at 2 inches high. Pine wood is known to be a great absorbent of foul odors so it can surely help reduce the smell inside the hamster cage.

If you have arranged all the things that your hamster need in the hamster cage then it would be less difficult for your to clean up their mess. You can clean their cage once a week or every time you find the cage is very foul. Keep the cage clean so that your pet won’t get ill due to dirt and contamination.

You should also use a water container that won’t be tipped off easily by your pet hamster so that the pine wood shavings will not decompose which might cause illness to your pet. There are special containers that can be bought in the pet store that seem like a feeding bottle made especially for hamsters. It should be placed in the wall of the cage which can be reached by the hamster so it can suck on the bottle like what babies do.

Sleep is very important for hamsters to stay energetic thus it is important to provide enough room and make a comfy bed for your hamster to sleep. You can use a piece of cardboard or you can buy special beddings in a pet store. You can even buy a cute little house especially created for hamsters which is available in various color and style.

It would also be wise to buy a wheel or running ball for hamster to use in working out. You can also add a small tunnel toy for your pet to move around. This artificial tunnel can be bought in pet store and are available in various length, style and color.

Be a responsible pet owner by giving your hamsters the things they need like their own hamster cage where they can play, live and eat contentedly.

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