All household pets like hamsters seek affection and attention from the owner. You should groom your hamsters, feed them and play with them so that they will feel loved. There are various ways of showing affection to your pet hamster. You can give your pet hamster healthy food to eat, toys and accessories to play with and a shelter like a hamster cage for them to live in.

Apart from giving them food, hamsters should also be provided with toys and exercise stuff to make them happy, active and healthy. Hamsters are very playful pets and providing toys for them to use will make them more active and satisfied. They love to climb, run around, go up and down and nibble the things they can hold. You can play with your pet hamster by making them walk along your shoulders as long as you’ve already trained them well not to bite and be unfriendly. Hamsters are adjustable and very social to humans compared to being around their fellow hamsters.

Inside the hamster cage, hamster should be given toys and accessories such artificial tunnel, exercise ball and exercise. They can run on top of the ball, crawl and slide within the tunnel and run within the wheel. The hamsters will definitely enjoy being inside their cage if they have plenty of things to do and toys to play with. Playing can already be a part of your hamster’s exercise because the wheel they are using can serve as their treadmill like what humans use to exercise. Moving around can also prevent the hamsters from getting bored and can make them remain lively.

Hamsters should also be monitored from time to time You should make sure that they do not stress themselves out in using their exercise toys and they do not lack water to drink to prevent dehydration. Hamsters must only be permitted to use their ball and wheel for a maximum of 20 minutes. After that, they should relax before they can use the toys again.

As you can notice in movies, most hamsters like to use exercise wheels so you should make sure to get one for your pet hamster. This can considered a necessity since hamsters should also need to burn some calories particularly since they love to eat any food or object that they can hold onto.

If you have extra budget, you could set up a tunnel maze on your hamster cage. This accessory is available several sizes, color and shapes; the good thing is that it is detachable so you could purpose your own maze. Furthermore, you can purchase complementary parts separately then attach or add them to the maze.

The above-mentioned toys and accessories can make your hamster happy and energetic all the time.

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