how do i KNOW that my gerbil is happy and healthy? and do gerbils sleep ALOT?cause mine does.

There are many differences. These are some things they have in common:
Both rodents
Both small
Both are burrowing animals (I think)
Both have about the same diet
Both have about the same lifespan
These are some reasons to how they are different:
Hamsters are nocturnal (gerbils are diurnal)
Gerbils have long, furry tail (hamster have really short ones)
Gerbils are very social and in the wild live in groups while hamster are solitary
Gerbils tend to be more hyper and active
Gerbils stink less because of the next reason
Gerbils are desert animals and drink less water
Gerbils tend to bite less
This is all I can think of!

Farmville secrets

I want something that does not smell really bad tho i do not really mind. also something that is social and fun to play with.

The hairless spot is about an inch long.

Does Anyone Have Any Good Gerbil Pair Names?

I am adopting two baby gerbils and need some suggestions for names. I don’t want anything long, silly or just weird. Short and sweet are just fine. So far I have Dusty and Scooter. Tell me what yo think. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

my other neighbors ‘s little girl’s pet Gerbil’s for two weeks while they were away on vacation.
Upon arriving home the two gerbils were found dead due to neglect. My question is, what is the legal responsibility here. The neighbor agreed to go to the pet store and replace the gerbils, is there any other liability here other than that?
The little girl wants to have a pet viewing, a funeral and a pet cemetery burial. Plus she wants the other neighbor to pay for it. What are the responsibilities here, what about pain and suffering?

I’ve done research and everything. I think I’m ready.

My male is always trying to mate with my female gerbil, but they are already mates. The male one, named Basil, is always jumping on the female, named Louise. She has lost a little fur on her back and I think it was Basil who did that. I need a tip ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can My Gerbil Be Cremated Or Is He Too Small?

I don’t want to bury him so I want him to be cremated. I’m in the UK so UK only please. Thank you for your help.

What Are Some Good Names For A Gerbil?

So far all I got is Speedy. What do you think.

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