How Can I Make A Friendly Gerbil Trap?

my gerbil is just 2 fast and i cant catch her! so please help me!

What Hamster Breed Is The Most Friendly?

I want a hamster, but i don’t want one that will bite me. Does anyone know which breed is the most nice? :)

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How Do I Make My Dwarf Hamster People Friendly?

I got a winter white hamster yesterday and she’s not exactly afraid of people, but she isn’t friendly eighther. How do I get her to like people?

I am getting a dwarf hamster in the spring and want it to be friendly. I will probably get it at petco. How can I tell if the hamster will be friendly?

Does Shaving A Gerbil Really Make It Friendly?

I heard that shaving a gerbil makes it happy and friendly. Is that true?


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