Common Hamster Behavior

How important is it to understand your pet’s behavior? Did you conduct a research before you purchased the pet you have now? Well, before buying a pet you should first learn their behavior so that you will know how you can adjust to them and how to handle them well. Experts say that knowing your pet’s natural behavior is the key to a stress-free and well-balanced relationship with your pet. It is essential that you build good relationship with your pet hamster so you will have fun together. Hamsters are same with other pets that have unique behavior which the owner should be aware of. You should learn how to handle hamsters and even tame them so they won’t bite. It is not enough that you find them cute and cuddly.

Do you know that hamsters are solitary in nature? A hamster hate to live in a cage with fellow hamsters. They like to be on their own although there are breeds like Dwarf hamsters that can live in couples or groups as long as they are introduced to other hamsters at a young age. In the first three to four weeks of life, young hamsters are usually driven away by their moms to be on their own. Thus, they are used to having things their way and do not count much on other hamsters.

Hamsters are generally clean and odorless compared to other pets. They usually separate their bed with their eating containers and even make a separate place for them to play. They are not used to getting dirty so owners should see to it that the things inside their hamster’s cage is well-organized so that their pet will enjoy its stay inside the cage.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals which means they are asleep during the days and awake at night. At nighttime, they like to play, make some noise and do their stuff. Be sure to put their hamster cage in a portion of your home where you and your family will not be disturbed when sleeping.

Hamsters also love to dig holes and stay in tunnels. That is why cage accessories like artificial tunnels with several chambers were created. Hamsters can play and crawl inside the tunnel. You can purchase these tunnels in different pet stores and these are sold in different forms, sizes and colors. Make sure the tunnel you chose will fit inside your hamster’s cage.

Lastly, hamsters like to chew or nibble just about any food or object that they can grab. To keep them great health make sure to get rid of objects that can injure your pet and provide them only healthy foods. You can also buy accessories like a “chewer” that you can give to your pet hamster to chew.

Since you are now aware of the basic behavior of hamsters, it is time for you to buy one. Be a responsible owner and provide your pet with their basic needs.

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I really want a hamster, but I’m not sure if I can afford it. I heard it costs about $80 startup including cage, etc. and then about $20 per month? Also what kind of cage/wheel/ball should I get for a black bear syrian?

How Much Food Should I Feed My Syrian Hamster?

I got my first hamster for my birthday in November 2007 and I have been scooping her bowl in the food so it is full but I am now thinking this is too much as she looks a bit podgy.
No mean comments please.
Thank You.

I wanted to get a hamster since I was little. I just wanted to know how much the maintenance will be, and the hamster its self. THANX!!

I was watching the babies run around the tank, then all of the sudden one of them was trying to eat the moms food, i just want to know if its normal for a 17 day old to do that.

I want to know what type of foods I can mix in my hamsters food bowl with his ordinary food. I know you can put in some uncooked oatmeal, but what else can you feed your hamster daily mixed in with his ordinary hamster food? I want to give him raisins is that ok?

What Kind Of Food Can I Feed My Gerbil?

I have the food that I bought from the pet store, and I have some yogurt chips the he seems to like, but I was just wondering what else I would be able to eat.

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Places For Cheap Hamster, Cage And Food?

where is a cheap place to buy 2 hamsters, with food, and a cage for under $42.00? im planning on breeding them . and yes i know they have babies like crazy

What Food Can You Feed A Baby Teddy Hamster?

I have a baby teddy hamster and I am not sure what types of food to feed her.I know like fruits and vegetables I am not sure what type.Everything I feed her she injoice like popcorn I know they can eat popcorn,but she is getting tired of everything I give her what do I do?

i have heard that sun flower seeds are fattening to a gerbil and my gerbils are only eating the sunflower seed out of the mixed food i bought for it please help!! i dont want fat gerbils!!

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