My hamster keeps chewing the bars on the cage and I don’t know what to do. I bought her wood chews but when I give it to her she just throws it to the corner and goes right back to chewing on the cage so what am I going to do?

I had a pet rabbit many years back. Now I want a small pet again. But I am not going for a rabbit because my earlier rabbit used to chew electrical wires and other stuff. So I want to know more about guinea pig, hamster or any other small creature that you can keep as a pet.

How To Stop My Hamster Chewing Bars On Her Cage?

My hamster has just started chewing the bars on its cage. I have looked it up and all it says is shes bored but that’s imposable because she has a cage big enough for two hamsters, a wheel, 2 chew toys, a mineral bloke and every night i take her out and put her in a exercise wheel. I also move the stuff in the cage around once a week! Anyone got any other ideas on how to stop her?

How Do I Get My Hamster To Stop Chewing On Her Cage?

My hamster has a couple of chew toys and she chews them well. She always tries to escape the cage. The exercise wheel is connected to the cage so it’s not in the cage and lately my hamster has been chewing a hole where now almost her whole head is sticking through. So what can I do to end this? Is there something i can put on where she is chewing to get her to stop? I was going to try vinegar, but I would rather ask before trying!
I appreciate the help!!!

How To Stop A Hamster From Chewing On The Wire?

my hamster chews on the wire, and it keeps me up all night! can some one help me on what to do! should i spray something on it, but that doesn’t hurt my hamster?

My hamster has a crittertrail X cage and he always chews in the bars now. Will he get out? Why is he doing this? He has a wood chew, fresh food&water and a toy.He didnt start doing it until i let him out in his rolling ball.

How Do I Stop My Hamster From Chewing On His Cage?

So i have a hamster and i love him so much but sometimes he is a pain. Every single night he chews on his cage. I know he likes it but not for me and they say if hamsters do it to much they could die. Ive tried everything sometimes i give him more food everything! I just cant take it anymore and i want to sleep in on the weekend but i have to wake up at like 5 and i cant get back to sleep please help!

My hamster loves to chew on her cage at night. It’s plastic, and it’s really noisy. Is there anything I can do that is safe or should i just let her do her thing? She already has a “chube” to chew on, as well as wooden chew toys, but she prefers the plastic.

Why Wont My Hamster Stop Chewing His Cage?

I have plenty of chew toys for my Syrian hamster but he will not stop chewing his cage? He’s just started doing this recently and I have researched that it can cause some serious problems. Any ideas on what I should do?

How To Keep A Hamster From Chewing On Cage Bars?

I have a European Black Bear hamster. He chews on the bars of his cage incessantly and it drives me nuts. He’s starting to wear the hair off his nose because of it. Please help

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