There are many differences. These are some things they have in common:
Both rodents
Both small
Both are burrowing animals (I think)
Both have about the same diet
Both have about the same lifespan
These are some reasons to how they are different:
Hamsters are nocturnal (gerbils are diurnal)
Gerbils have long, furry tail (hamster have really short ones)
Gerbils are very social and in the wild live in groups while hamster are solitary
Gerbils tend to be more hyper and active
Gerbils stink less because of the next reason
Gerbils are desert animals and drink less water
Gerbils tend to bite less
This is all I can think of!

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Zhu Zhu Pets For Every Kid

These toys have become a popular public demand all over the world. Kids and parents love them for they are a toy and a pet in one. They have taken the toy industry by storm as kids have desired this new innovation. There is now a replacement for real life hamsters. Zhu Zhu Pets are now available for kids to enjoy. Be excited as your child experience an amazing kind of interactive toy.

Growing up seems to be the most exciting part of a child. Various hobbies and interests have taken much of a child’s time. Some are find of playing toys, while others like to collect stamps, stickers, figurines and other stuff. Others want to play music while others like sports. Other kids are fond of outdoor activities such as camping, swimming and hiking while others prefer indoor tasks like watching television, cooking and baking.

With the things I mentioned, having a pet is one of the interests that caught their attention as they grow up. Every home is complete when there is a pet present in the household. Pets are part of the family and considered in the budget most of the time. Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fishes and hamsters are the common types. Each child is entertained and amazed how a pet develops as they take care of them.

Hamsters, is one of those pets that is easy to take care. With new innovation, there is now an interactive toy hamster that is affordable that very kid and parent would want. These are not just toys but they are responsive enough that you will be amazed on how they react towards situations. This is an amazing invention!

With how wonderful it is, these have become a crowd favorite and it is easy to market especially during holidays. This toy has changed the level of how a toy should be. It is not just a mere toy but an interactive and entertaining kind of device for kids to have fun and parents to teach their child to take care of them. Now these Zhu Zhu Pets are for kids to explore!

Find out more about zhu zhu pets by visiting the authors site and find zhu zhu pets for sale that are entertaining and fun for your children.

Super Pet CritterTrail Activity Accessory KitHere’s a neat accessory for your CritterTrail,  Habitrail, or S.A.M. cage.

This kit is an awesome activity center. Your hamster or gerbil will love the extra room to run around and play in here.

Included are a loop-the-loop, snap-on Comfort Wheel, Bubble Plug,  outhouse, J-Tube, Tee Tube, 3.5-inch rings, and 4 connector rings.

These are easy to assemble with no tools needed. Assembled it is 18 inches high.

The Super Pet CritterTrail Activity Accessory Kit will connect to all Super Pet CritterTrail, Habitrail, and S.A.M. systems. It gives your curious critter a safe nesting area and promotes healthy exploration and exercise habits.

Trouble According to Humphrey (Paperback)

Trouble According to Humphrey

From School Library Journal

Grade 2–4—Humphrey is just as lovable and sweet as he was in Friendship According to Humphrey (Putnam, 2005). Still a classroom pet, the hamster learns that his freedom may not be as important as his loyalty to his human friends. The students of Room 26 are assigned jobs as part of a social-studies project. When the hamster gets out of his cage, it is not because the student in charge did not lock the door, but because it does not lock. Humphrey fe (more…)

Caring Tips For Your Hamster

Breeding hamsters have become quite common nowadays. However, when you are on the go for buying a hamster you must ensure that you are well acquainted with certain facts regarding breeding a hamster. You must be well informed about the habits, housing, health and safety of a hamster. You should also know how to clean the cage of a hamster, how they communicate with people and other hamsters. Besides these you must also be aware of their activity level.

Hamsters basically have a definite food habit. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must change the water in the cage regularly with fresh water. There is special type of food available only for the hamster. This type of food is basically mixture of seeds, pellets, corn and grains. It is very important to provide the food in a bowl so that the hamster cannot destroy it by chewing.

Hamsters generally prefer fresh food like nuts, seeds, grains and fresh vegetables like apples, spinach, lettuce and carrots. Some food that the hamsters do not prefer is chocolate, candy, any type of junk food, potatoes, beans, onions and some other food of the same type.

The hamster will live out most of its life with the kind of habits that you make them adopt. So you must make sure that the habit should keep the hamster healthy and happy. There are many types of cages available for a hamster like the wire cages, aquariums and cage aquarium combos. This type of housing is best suited for the hamsters but you should make sure that you have proper accessories.

Since hamsters are known chewers, make sure that they do not have any access to anything that they could hurt themselves on, including wires and anything with sharp edges. Everything they are able to access should be safe for them. Also, teach young children to be gentle with their pets, and avoid having other pets come in contact with hamsters.

When it comes to the health of the hamsters you must make sure that you know all the symptoms when they do not seem to be in good health. Some of the common symptoms are dull eyes, matted coat, less activity during the night and diarrhea. As soon as you feel that your hamster is not well, get it checked by a vet.

The author of this article is a pet lover. He takes immense interest in the various types of pet accessories that are presented. To know more on hamster cages one can always visit the sites rotastak hamster cage and crittertrail accessories.

Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage

Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage

The Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage is a fully outfitted home that allows your gerbil, hamster, or mouse plenty of room to play and exercise in. No doubt, your pet will remain engaged and interested with the vented plastic exercise wheel, colorful tubes, and 2 platforms for easy access to food and water. A wire door on top allows you easy access. The sturdy plastic yellow base and black collapsible coated-wire cage assemble easily with no tools needed and no n (more…)

Hamster Toys Are Really Helpful

Hamster toys are essential for good health and life of a Hamster. Hamster needs toys in order to expel their energy. When the hamster needs some quite time these toys can also be a hide out. Chew toys are important in keeping the teeth of the hamster thin and work in good order.

The most important thing you as the owner and buyer of these hamster toys you need to remember that hamsters are color blind. So if a pushy salesperson tries to sell you a hot pink or metallic shinny blue toy for an extra $5 to help stimulate the hamster senses forget it. All the hamster sees is black and white! Colored toys are really for the owners enjoyment while watching their hamsters play.

The most important toy for your hamster can be a hamster wheel. They travel in the wild places for long hours at night searching for food. So this wheel can be of real help to your hamster as they can travel such long distances on the wheel.

If hamsters are given a proper diet then it is not necessary for them to chew toys otherwise they can be a nice treat for them. They are available in sizes, shapes and flavors. They are made of vegetable and fruit pieces and seeds. If the hamster does not want to chew toys then a dog biscuit can also be offered to them as they love the taste of such biscuits and they also are healthier for the hamsters.

The hamster can also need toys for hiding inside a cage. Like other animals they also prefer little solitude at times and make tunnels for this purpose. But you should see that whether they are large enough because the hamsters can become pregnant too.

Another toy option is the climbing toys. Many hamster toys are available with a ladder type option and buying them can be a good idea as hamsters love to climb.

The writer of the above article takes immense interest in the various hamster cages that are available online. He is well aware of the various pet enclosures that are available. To know more on pet cages do visit the pages dwarf hamster cage and habitrail hamster cage.

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper

Any 10-gallon tank becomes a swanky multi-level high rise for your hamster, gerbil, or mouse with the Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper. It snaps together in minutes using no tools, and even comes with a pet nameplate, so you can personalize your critter’s home. You also get Comfort Shelves, Safety Ramps, a food dish, a water bottle, and a Little Brick House hideout. Measures 10.75 x 20 x 10 inches. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other small animals.


Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Assorted Tubes

Make your critter trail home even more incredible with the vibrantly colored fun-noels you receive in critter trail fun-noels value packs. This value pack gives you a fun-nel elbow, a fun-nel tube, a fun-nel tee, fun-nel rings, and a fun-nel bubble-plug. Add on other fun-noels value packs to increase the fun in your pet’s super cool home. With the fun-noels value packs, you can give your critter trail habitat all the twists and turns you need to turn your critter trail habitat i (more…)

The Hamster Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)

Barron?s Pet Handbooks look very much like Barron?s Complete Pet Owner?s Manuals, but the Handbooks are larger?more pages, more text, more color photos, and more detailed pet-care advice. This brand-new title will be of special value to parents of younger kids who are keeping hamsters, to older children who can read the book on their own, and of course, to adults who keep hamsters as a hobby. The author explains everything hamster owners need to know about the animal?s life cyc (more…)

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