One of the biggest challenges facing parents today when spending the money to buy your kid the next must have toy, is just how long will it be before the toy is cast aside and they are bored with it and then onto wanting the next must have toy. Are Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) just a crazy pre-Christmas marketing gimmick or do kids really get as much fun and entertainment out of them as the hype suggests…and just how long will that hamster keep number one position with your child?

Cepia Zhu Zhu Pets have done something incredible and to be quite honest, I’m not sure whether they did it intentionally or whether by accident, but for sure whatever the reasoning, they’re onto a huge money earner with these hamsters and their hamster accessories.

At a 7 dollar retail price, Cepia really have made the initial hamster purchase price point accessible to almost everyone. They could actually give it away for free and still make humungous amounts of cash. Hey, maybe that’s what will happen in the future? You see, the real profit for the company, come not from the cheap little hamsters themselves, but the wide range of mostly higher priced accessories that kids are driven to once they have their hamster and the parents in turn are forced to buy. However, this is not such a bad idea for the parent and if you play the game right, could actually cost you less than the alternatives available.

Let’s face it as parents, kids boredom levels are getting faster and faster by the day. It doesn’t matter whether this cute little hamster is the latest craze or not, how much fun and longevity can any reasonable child have with a single pet hamster that scurries on the floor moving in different directions and squeaking whenever it feels the need. Boredom could be only days away.

Step in the multitude of hamster accessories. Some of these accessories are just plain expensive in my opinion, but so many are pretty good value and widely affordable. The way I look at it, when the novelty of the solitary hamster wares off, my choice is to put them in the ‘bored’ toy box and buy a whole new toy, or, as I have seen, purchase an additional hamster add-on for less than the new toy and the fun and entertainment starts all over again. The other benefit of this is that these interactive hamsters have all sorts of clever abilities built into them and you really don’t get to see most of it until they encounter one of their accessories.

So many kids have now got a Zhu Zhu Pets hamster and various accessories, that this in itself continues the momentum for your own child in continuing to be absorbed by them. Kids have now also moved onto creative group hamster games, such as hamster races and hamster battles, which does nothing but add a further extension to your kid’s hamster fun.

So, I think that a hamster on its own probably does have a limited life expectancy when it comes to attention from kids, but with the great selection of accessories at hand, the fun just goes on and on and extends at an exponential rate.

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