Every year I seem to get somehow caught up in the run up to the Christmas latest ‘must have toy’ craze, but this year has perhaps already topped all previous years…and it’s still 2 months till Christmas! Unfortunately, my daughter’s 6th birthday was in September….perfect timing for the Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) madness to set in…lucky for me!

Within days of the commercials starting for these cute furry hamsters, my daughter had set her heart on one for her birthday…Mr Squiggles no less. All parents with kids will understand when I say that when children of this age get it into their heads that they must have a certain toy…well it really is usually pointless trying to convince them otherwise. Anyway, the continual bombardment of ads didn’t help the situation, nor did the fact that her best friend had already got a Zhu Zhu pet hamster called Num Nums together with a whole hamster world for it to run around in…great!

In a way, thanks to the well chosen timing of the Zhu Zhu commercials and my daughters friends moms ‘must have everything first for my daughter’ personality, the usual difficult process of deciding what present to buy had been made a lot easier. Hamster plus hamster habitat would come to much less than the 100 dollars that we tend to limit each present to, so I would have some money left over for some other things that she would like.

My daughter’s birthday was only a matter of days away, but not a problem with my trusty Walmart and Toy r Us around the corner. I popped down to them to pick the hamsters and accessories up, but they had already run out of stock. I hit the streets driving from one store to another around town, but it was the same story everywhere…sold out. My daughter’s birthday was in a few days and it was looking like I had left it a little late.

Back home and I hit the parent’s haven for all things kids related…the internet. They say that the internet is the largest shopping place in the world and sells everything and usually cheaper than the stores…THEY obviously never tried to buy a Mr Squiggles! All my favorite online stores had basically sold out, but there was stock available from people that had bought up the limited Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters and hamster accessories and were selling them at, what I would call, outrageously stupid prices. No way. Not me. Not again. Mr Squiggles and his hamster house will just have to wait.

As any parent could tell you, when your child has been absorbed in the latest toy craze, all other toys in the world just seem soooo boring, especially when their best friend keeps asking her why she hasn’t got a Zhu Zhu pet hamster as yet…thanks. I should have known better, but I lost a valuable couple of days convinced that she would come up with another toy that she must have…but no it was a Zhu Zhu hamster or nothing!

Today was going to be my hamster success day. I hit the phone early, phoning every Walmart and Toys r Us and then every other toy sounding store in the area. Nothing. I increased my target area and extended from immediately local area to, well anywhere. I found a store that had a Mr Squiggles and a Pipsqueak. The only problem, the store was 43 miles away. My toy insanity had kicked in at this point and I only had three days left till B-day. I drove and drove and drove, eventually found the store and….they had already sold them, they couldn’t keep them aside for me any longer. My response to them doesn’t need to be repeated.

By the time I made my way back through more traffic jams and reached home, my blood was still boiling and I had officially entered hamster desperation. With my husband’s credit card in hand, I logged onto the internet, to do my share of the much hyped convenience shopping from the comfort of my own home. Twenty five minutes later I was the proud buyer of a Mr Squiggles at 37.99, a Chunk hamster at 35.71, a hamster wheel at 36.25, a hamster car / garage set at 99.95 a plush pink hamster bed, basket and blanket at 59.99 and the Zhu Zhu Funhouse at 128.91, all for the bargain price of 398.80. Add onto that gas and phone calls and I suppose the cost hits the 453.00 point. I felt very satisfied. Internet shopping really is a convenient experience!

My daughter’s joy on her birthday was priceless and she loves her Zhu Zhu hamster toys (I should hope so as well). My husband’s face was also priceless, but for less joyous credit card bill reasons. My older eight year old daughter has now caught the Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters bug and she is already dropping hints for Christmas. Not again, not me…OK probably, but prices have come down, there’s still a couple of months till Christmas and I certainly won’t be leaving it till the usual supply shortage and price hikes in the final weeks before Christmas.

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