For the individuals who didn’t know whenever you purchase a new dwarf hamster and need to introduce it to those who you have already got, it is not so simple as just placing the brand new hamster into its new home. Work must be finished to ensure that this newcomer is accepted and welcomed by the rest of the hamsters you already have.

Important steps need to be taken to setup the cage. You will have to get a separator of some sort (I’ve obtained a BBQ wire mesh) put it in between the new dwarf hamster and the present ones that you simply have. This serves as a barrier to guard either sides of the cage. As a result of dwarf hamsters are territorial, they mark out their territory by this gland on the backside of their belly.

Therefore we now have to make sure that the brand new dwarf hamster gets a fresh set of bedding to forestall it from feeling threatened with the scent of the other hamsters. For those who hear squeaking sound made by the hamsters. Don’t panic. They are simply unfamiliar with one another and will stop after awhile. (Mine stopped after every week).

The job’s not done yet! For them to get used to each other we do it the passive approach first. Every 2-three days, swap their places. Meaning if hamster A is on the left now, bring it over to hamster B’s facet and bring hamster B to hamster A’s side. This is for them to get used to the scent of the opposite hamster.

After every week you noticed your hamsters stopped squeaking at each other, introduce them to every other. ie. Taking the barrier away) Pay close attention to them as they won’t be ready for each other. If they begin scuffling, use your hand to separate them. This is a sign that they’re not able to dwell with each other. Put the barrier in between them once more and continue the swapping locations for three extra cycles.

Hopefully by then, they will be able to live collectively harmoniously. If after 2 to three tries, your hamsters are still scuffling nonstop, then my suggestion is that it is best to not let them dwell together.

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