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My male is always trying to mate with my female gerbil, but they are already mates. The male one, named Basil, is always jumping on the female, named Louise. She has lost a little fur on her back and I think it was Basil who did that. I need a tip ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can My Gerbil Be Cremated Or Is He Too Small?

I don’t want to bury him so I want him to be cremated. I’m in the UK so UK only please. Thank you for your help.

What Are Some Good Names For A Gerbil?

So far all I got is Speedy. What do you think.

wanted a gerbil or hamster for a long time but my mom says no over and over again im 9 but i know more than 13 year olds she says no beacuse she dont like the way they look and im ready for the responsibility tha come with the hamster or gerbil

my gerbil baby broke her back legs i am wonder how long it takes for her to beable to walk them and her one eye is closed and i do not know why and why would the mother fight with her we had to remove her to a tank so they did not fight anymore pls help me.

for some reason my gerbil has become very slow and not moving alot and she does not react to any ting for example when i pick her up she doesnt to to escape and just sort of sits there and almost falls asleep please help

Is It Possible To Train A Gerbil?

to stay in your front shirt pocket all day. there for you could take him everwhere?

my dog is a hunting dog, and is very good at smelling (like any other dog), but I need some ideas of how I can keep my dog away from my new gerbil! I don’t want it to be eaten!

Should I Trade My Hamster For A Gerbil?

at petsmart a 14 day give back garntee is given and my hamster is bitting and sleeping at night (and day). and the people there saeid that gerbils dont bite and are not sleepy all day long help!

Different vets charge different prices for visits, so the actual cost of the visit can vary quite widely. You should call and ask a few vets in your area what they charge for exotic appointments. Some places charge less for small animals, and others charge more. I’ve paid 30 bucks for a visit and I’ve paid 50. It just depends.
I’m not sure what meds they’ll give your gerbil since he’s so young, but they usually aren’t too much money, 20 to 30 bucks or so.
Best bet is to call them and ask. :) Good luck with your gerbil!

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