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How Dangerous Are Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Toys?

As a parent, when our daughters were very small, both my husband and I were perhaps safety extremists when it came to letting them play with anything. Subconsciously, all toys were assessed for small parts that could come loose in my daughters’ mouths or any parts that could cause them harm when we turn our backs for a second. We were fortunate that toy manufacturer laws and regulations go such a long way in protecting our children here in the US and 99% of the time if we bought toys that were recommended for our daughters’ ages, then there were no issues. Of course, toy production mistakes do happen and some toys do slip through the numerous safety nets, the safety issues of which only come out when huge numbers have been sold. Now that huge numbers of Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters or Zu Zu Pets hamsters) have been sold and perhaps every type and age of child has had a chance to thoroughly test them, like only kids can test them, you now get a chance to see what the safety feedback concerns are.

These interactive hamster pet toys are actually manufactured by a company called Cepia who recommend that both their hamster toys and hamster accessories are only suitable for children of 4 years and older. I’m sure that they would love to not have any age limit on them and in doing so enlarge their market customer base, but laws are laws and regulations are regulations and Cepia makes the necessary warning in order to both comply and perhaps even as an internal agreement.

Parents may or may not realize, but these kids hamster toys scurry around on battery powered revolving wheels. As interactive electronic toys, the outer hamster structure obviously shields the necessary electronics inside. Once again, regulations and Cepia’s own internal quality standards ensure that the design is at a standard to ensure maximum safety.

The toy hamster itself moves from place to place on a set of wheels that when on a new set of batteries and placed in open space in explore mode, can actually move pretty fast. This is part of the fun of these hamster toys for kids that love to chase them around, but it does mean that the wheels do rotate at the required fast speed. Common sense should dictate here, which would be the same for any toy that you purchase for your child that has external moving parts, don’t let your child stick their fingers in or let anything get caught in the spinning wheels, such as hair. A parent has commented that her daughter’s skin was pinched and her hair got caught up, but the incident seems to be isolated incident and not voiced as a common issue. Can this happen? I’m sure it can. You child could also get their hair caught in their normal bicycle wheel, but unless the bicycle had been designed with the spinning wheel at head height, I don’t think it would be a warranted reason to ban it. There is always risk, it is up to you to assess how great a risk it is in making your decision to buy or not.

Obviously these hamsters are electronic, battery based toy pets and not real hamsters, so again common sense would tell any parent that water would not be the best combination. One parent did voice her dissatisfaction that when her son submerge his toy hamster in water, that is stated to malfunction. I should imagine it would and am sure it would not be covered by any form of warranty. Let’s also hope that the little boy doesn’t get given a real hamster as a replacement!

So, are Zhu Zhu Pets hamster toys safe for your kids? That really is your own personal choice and it really is up to you to make that decision. From the facts and reports it would seem that any safety incidents, especially when within the recommendations of the manufacturer, seem very few and far between, with the overall parent and kid feedback focusing on just how much fun and entertainment value they are.

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There are four main hamster toys available for your kid to choose from, each with their own unique personalities and characteristics and each different in color. After just a short time from the date that these interactive toys were launched, the Zhu Zhu Pets hamster Mr Squiggles quickly became a firm favorite choice and has more or less fought off Pipsqueak to maintain the coveted hamster number one bestseller position.

Mr Squiggles comes in a great natural color of tan / light brown, which probably resembles the coloring of an actual hamster the closest. Under belly splashes of white add to the color appeal, so do does the big pink nose, fine whiskers and black shiny eyes. Although us humans wouldn’t perhaps mistake this particular hamster choice for the real thing, it is convincing enough to drive any other pets in your house crazy, so be warned. This cute little hamster is both visually attractive to both girls and boys and even more so with the added unique hamster character that he has.

This hamster is the speed freak of the bunch. Zhu Zhu Pets Mr Squiggles likes nothing more than to be put into explore mode by your child and then set free to scoot and scurry. If you want maximum exercise for your children then this choice will literally run them fit as the ever increasing spectacle of kids frantically chasing and trying to catch him becomes a common and amusing sight. His interactive nature and individual sounds will keep your kids thoroughly amused as they watch and play with him.

When it comes to choosing to indulge in one of the many and varied hamster accessories that are readily available, unless your kid is specifically wanting a particular one, then you should get the most out of your purchase by buying the ones that will suit your child’s particular hamster personality the most. Mr Squiggles is best suited to the action accessories, such as the hamster car and garage set, the surfboard, skate board and hamster wheel. All of these add-ons let him go crazy like no other pet hamster and express all of his unique sounds and capabilities to your kids.

As each hamster is unique and acts and reacts differently, adding the hamster funhouse to your child’s hamster habitat will let them see and listen to the way Mr Squiggles scoots around through the tunnel and uses the different rooms. Your children will begin to recognize the individual sounds that he makes when he does things in this particular add-on.

Push Zhu Zhu Mr Squiggles into love mode and he turns down to an even calmer state and makes all sorts of cute hamster noises and movements. Turn him off and sleep it is…until the next mornings’ exploring adventures begin!

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Girls and boys tend to choose out of the four hamster choices for different reasons, with each one appealing because of their unique colors but more importantly because of their unique attitudes and personalities. Zhu Zhu Pets hamster Num Nums has the color and the character that appeals mostly to girls, although boys love this choice as well.

Predominantly a soft grey color, Zhu Zhu Pets Num Nums is a popular color choice among children, which is often contrary to what we would have thought with other more vibrant colors available. Their grey body is accented with white splashes of hamster white, deep black eyes and a pink nose.

This furry hamster doesn’t go for the life of constant speed and has instead a preference for being treated with care and attention and making a fuss and exploring around. Your child will love the way she explores into all sorts of corners making her whimsical sounds as she does so. She is the real lady of the hamster group and the one that caring kids love to spend time with.

All the hamster accessories that you can lavish on these hamsters are of course applicable for them all. But if you want to buy your child’s Zhu Zhu Pets Num Nums the ultimate treat, then the carrier, blanket and bed set is the perfect choice. This hamster loves nothing more than to be adored in this set and the cooing sounds will prove it to your kids.

Don’t let all this calm and lady like hamster nature fool you though. Place her in explore mode and she’ll be able to keep up with the craziest of the hamster pack.

When it’s time to slow things down, you can place Num Nums in the carrier and gentle sooth her away, listening as she makes those cute loving noises.

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Every year I seem to get somehow caught up in the run up to the Christmas latest ‘must have toy’ craze, but this year has perhaps already topped all previous years…and it’s still 2 months till Christmas! Unfortunately, my daughter’s 6th birthday was in September….perfect timing for the Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) madness to set in…lucky for me!

Within days of the commercials starting for these cute furry hamsters, my daughter had set her heart on one for her birthday…Mr Squiggles no less. All parents with kids will understand when I say that when children of this age get it into their heads that they must have a certain toy…well it really is usually pointless trying to convince them otherwise. Anyway, the continual bombardment of ads didn’t help the situation, nor did the fact that her best friend had already got a Zhu Zhu pet hamster called Num Nums together with a whole hamster world for it to run around in…great!

In a way, thanks to the well chosen timing of the Zhu Zhu commercials and my daughters friends moms ‘must have everything first for my daughter’ personality, the usual difficult process of deciding what present to buy had been made a lot easier. Hamster plus hamster habitat would come to much less than the 100 dollars that we tend to limit each present to, so I would have some money left over for some other things that she would like.

My daughter’s birthday was only a matter of days away, but not a problem with my trusty Walmart and Toy r Us around the corner. I popped down to them to pick the hamsters and accessories up, but they had already run out of stock. I hit the streets driving from one store to another around town, but it was the same story everywhere…sold out. My daughter’s birthday was in a few days and it was looking like I had left it a little late.

Back home and I hit the parent’s haven for all things kids related…the internet. They say that the internet is the largest shopping place in the world and sells everything and usually cheaper than the stores…THEY obviously never tried to buy a Mr Squiggles! All my favorite online stores had basically sold out, but there was stock available from people that had bought up the limited Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters and hamster accessories and were selling them at, what I would call, outrageously stupid prices. No way. Not me. Not again. Mr Squiggles and his hamster house will just have to wait.

As any parent could tell you, when your child has been absorbed in the latest toy craze, all other toys in the world just seem soooo boring, especially when their best friend keeps asking her why she hasn’t got a Zhu Zhu pet hamster as yet…thanks. I should have known better, but I lost a valuable couple of days convinced that she would come up with another toy that she must have…but no it was a Zhu Zhu hamster or nothing!

Today was going to be my hamster success day. I hit the phone early, phoning every Walmart and Toys r Us and then every other toy sounding store in the area. Nothing. I increased my target area and extended from immediately local area to, well anywhere. I found a store that had a Mr Squiggles and a Pipsqueak. The only problem, the store was 43 miles away. My toy insanity had kicked in at this point and I only had three days left till B-day. I drove and drove and drove, eventually found the store and….they had already sold them, they couldn’t keep them aside for me any longer. My response to them doesn’t need to be repeated.

By the time I made my way back through more traffic jams and reached home, my blood was still boiling and I had officially entered hamster desperation. With my husband’s credit card in hand, I logged onto the internet, to do my share of the much hyped convenience shopping from the comfort of my own home. Twenty five minutes later I was the proud buyer of a Mr Squiggles at 37.99, a Chunk hamster at 35.71, a hamster wheel at 36.25, a hamster car / garage set at 99.95 a plush pink hamster bed, basket and blanket at 59.99 and the Zhu Zhu Funhouse at 128.91, all for the bargain price of 398.80. Add onto that gas and phone calls and I suppose the cost hits the 453.00 point. I felt very satisfied. Internet shopping really is a convenient experience!

My daughter’s joy on her birthday was priceless and she loves her Zhu Zhu hamster toys (I should hope so as well). My husband’s face was also priceless, but for less joyous credit card bill reasons. My older eight year old daughter has now caught the Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters bug and she is already dropping hints for Christmas. Not again, not me…OK probably, but prices have come down, there’s still a couple of months till Christmas and I certainly won’t be leaving it till the usual supply shortage and price hikes in the final weeks before Christmas.

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Some of the four hamsters have become more popular with girls and boys for different reasons, whether it is because of each ones unique color or each unique lifestyle and personality, kids love their choice for their own reasons. Zhu Zhu Pets hamster Chunk is popular for both boys and girls alike, who are drawn to his surfer attitude and moves and his great color.

If your child is prone to taking their new hamster pet and rolling it around in the dirt or making it explore in the outback then Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk may not be the ideal choice of color. He is snow white in color and visually appealing with a big pink nose and round black eyes.

Constantly rushing around is not Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk hamster thing. He prefers to take things in his stride and enjoy life as it comes. Kids love to hear the great sounds that he makes when he is slowly nosing around. He is no slouch though and in explore mode your kids will need to be quick to keep up with this furry surfer.

With Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk hamster being the cool surfer dude of the bunch, what better way to extend his full capabilities than to buy him the surfboard and sleep dome hamster accessory. Chunk loves all of the accessories that are available, but is the board that kids love to watch and listen to him ride. Expert as he is, he glides in surfing heaven like the Pro that he is. Once the surf retreats watch and listen as Chunk scurries into his sleep dome for a bit of well earned rest and relaxation.

Like all of the hamsters, pressing Chunk on the back and into affectionate mode will bring out the characteristics that girls love so much. He really is one to want constant attention from your children and responds with all sorts of cute and interactive hamster sounds. Your girls will spend hours pampering this little guy and they love to put him in his own hamster carrier bed and wrap him in his blanket, which is also sold separately.

Once Chunk has had all the attention that your child can give him and he is safe and sound in his bed, pressing him off will let him drift off to have hamster dreams and prepare himself for the next surfing day.

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It makes me wonder sometimes, with the hundreds of different toys that I have bought for my girls over the years, whether the toy companies test the quality and durability under actual ‘normal kid abuse’ conditions. So many of the kid’s toys are fine if you treat them delicately, but try explaining that to a toddler, whose less than delicate playful instincts often result in another broken toy. So the question that I asked myself when my children started nagging me for the new Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (aka Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters or Zu Zu Pets hamsters) toys which are priced at a retail price of a mere $7, is whether they really can stand up to the inevitable abuse, particularly of some more ‘testing’ toddlers.

To test the quality of the Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters themselves, you really need to wait till enough of them have been sold and long enough for the lucky kid’s to subject them to the ultimate test conditions that only kids can. Having now shipped huge hamster volumes, it is a fair time to see what customers are saying about the quality and durability of them. Very little. It is really hard to find many parents that have specifically found that these hamsters are simple of sub-standard quality and it was only a matter of days before they broke. So it seems that the hamster toys themselves emerge with flying quality standard marks.

Two concerns seem to be a common customer issue when it comes to the hamster accessories in general. The add-ons are mostly compatible with each other and can be joined together to form a continually increasing hamster habitat. Poor quality plastic is often mentioned by parents. It is interesting, though, that these parents don’t go onto say that they have actually experienced any associated problems. Is the plastic of a cheap quality? I would have to say yes. Have I experienced any problems because of the perceived quality of these, I would have to say no.

Some parents make comments that the plastic clips to integrate the various accessories together are a bit flimsy and I would tend to agree, but they do the job and I have not experienced any consequential issues or read about any from other parents that have bought hamster accessories.

It is worth noting, I think, in the interest of hamster accessory unbiased research, that the Zhu Zhu car and garage set does seem to be the subject of repeated criticism and for essentially the same reason. Many parents have voiced concerns that the doors do not fit properly or fall off too easily. There are enough of these concerns raised to I think, consider there to be some substance in it. If you do have your heart set, or should I say if your kid has their heart set on a hamster car and garage add-on, then you could always do what most parents have done and use a drop of glue or a bit of tape, which seems to solve the problem!

All of the other accessories as individual items really do have very few criticisms about them in terms of poor quality build, so it can be assumed that parents and kids alike are perfectly happy with them. This is in itself is pretty outstanding achievement for a new toy that has been sold so widely.

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Here’s a great tip for those parents interested in buying the hamster funhouse and also a hamster at the same time. There are four main hamster types that you can buy separately. However, there is now a bundled Funhouse package that includes the hamster funhouse as well as the exclusive hamster called Patches. This is the only way at the moment to get your hands on Patches, so if you want a more exclusive hamster for your child this Christmas, this may be the way to go. The other bonus of buying the bundle is that if you do shop smartly, the combined deal can actually work out cheaper than buying the items individually (with a Patches alternative of course). Anyway…back to the funhouse details…

There are generally two types of parents that cave into their childrens’ toy hamster pleading. Those that answer the pleading with a hamster only and then those that buy a hamster and a complimentary hamster accessory from the start. Whichever type you fall into, from current statistics, there is an almost certainty that you will end up buying one or more accessories as time passes to extend the fun and excitement that this hamster craze is giving kids everywhere.

If you are looking at the many accessories available and a bit stuck on which one, then going with the majority of hamster buying parents will be a sensible move. The most popular add-on is the Zhu Zhu Pets hamster funhouse which is perhaps the most logical pay set that you want to start off with.

Zhu Zhu Pets funhouse essentially forms the central hub for any further hamster habitat expansion that your children want to build. All of the add-ons can be connected together in a number of ways and the other ones simply clip on and further expand upon the funhouse central core.

A plastic tunnel for your kid’s Mr Squiggles (or any) to scurry through connects the individual room hubs that make up the Zhu Zhu Pets funhouse . In one hub your child’s hamster can visit the bathroom and kitchen and the other is the bedroom for him to get a good night’s sleep. The floor is decoratively detailed with the appropriate room furniture so that the hamster knows what to do and how to interact in each.

Children of all ages love to see and more importantly listen out for their chosen hamster toy as it scoots through the rooms and tunnel carrying out its hamster activities. Listen as it visits room after room and makes all the hamster sounds that are suited to that particular place. Having woken up in the bedroom, got ready in the bathroom and grabbed a quick snack in the hamster kitchen, watch as your kids follow the hamster out into the open in explore mode.

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One of the biggest challenges facing parents today when spending the money to buy your kid the next must have toy, is just how long will it be before the toy is cast aside and they are bored with it and then onto wanting the next must have toy. Are Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) just a crazy pre-Christmas marketing gimmick or do kids really get as much fun and entertainment out of them as the hype suggests…and just how long will that hamster keep number one position with your child?

Cepia Zhu Zhu Pets have done something incredible and to be quite honest, I’m not sure whether they did it intentionally or whether by accident, but for sure whatever the reasoning, they’re onto a huge money earner with these hamsters and their hamster accessories.

At a 7 dollar retail price, Cepia really have made the initial hamster purchase price point accessible to almost everyone. They could actually give it away for free and still make humungous amounts of cash. Hey, maybe that’s what will happen in the future? You see, the real profit for the company, come not from the cheap little hamsters themselves, but the wide range of mostly higher priced accessories that kids are driven to once they have their hamster and the parents in turn are forced to buy. However, this is not such a bad idea for the parent and if you play the game right, could actually cost you less than the alternatives available.

Let’s face it as parents, kids boredom levels are getting faster and faster by the day. It doesn’t matter whether this cute little hamster is the latest craze or not, how much fun and longevity can any reasonable child have with a single pet hamster that scurries on the floor moving in different directions and squeaking whenever it feels the need. Boredom could be only days away.

Step in the multitude of hamster accessories. Some of these accessories are just plain expensive in my opinion, but so many are pretty good value and widely affordable. The way I look at it, when the novelty of the solitary hamster wares off, my choice is to put them in the ‘bored’ toy box and buy a whole new toy, or, as I have seen, purchase an additional hamster add-on for less than the new toy and the fun and entertainment starts all over again. The other benefit of this is that these interactive hamsters have all sorts of clever abilities built into them and you really don’t get to see most of it until they encounter one of their accessories.

So many kids have now got a Zhu Zhu Pets hamster and various accessories, that this in itself continues the momentum for your own child in continuing to be absorbed by them. Kids have now also moved onto creative group hamster games, such as hamster races and hamster battles, which does nothing but add a further extension to your kid’s hamster fun.

So, I think that a hamster on its own probably does have a limited life expectancy when it comes to attention from kids, but with the great selection of accessories at hand, the fun just goes on and on and extends at an exponential rate.

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Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters – Save Money When You Buy

It seems that kids all across the country have gone Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) mad. The commercials on TV have done their job and done is really, really well.

Like so many parents out there, if your kids want a Zhu Zhu hamster for Christmas, then here are a few well chosen hints from my own shopping experiences of how you can get your child the hamster and/or hamster accessories that they actually want and at normal or bargain prices. If you started shopping for Zhu Zhu hamsters earlier, you will already know that they were both difficult to find or that the prices were just plain ridiculous.

Conventional Stores. The likes of Walmart and Toys r Us are still probably the most popular source for parents when it comes to toy shopping. Just a few weeks ago, these huge toy sources just didn’t have Zhu Zhu hamster stock. They got the stock in, but they were sold out before the hamsters even had a chance to settle into the shelves. If you already know that your child wants a pet hamster for Christmas and you see them available in these stores, the advice is to pick them up. Most of the toy stores are happy to keep a toy aside for you for a short time, so you always phone around, find what you want and then pop down to collect it.

Internet Shopping. If you are looking for the largest supply and perhaps some well placed bargain deals, then the internet is by far the best place to go. Whether you visit the websites of your favorite high street stores or search other online sources the supplies are huge. However, care should be taken and a little time spent will reap the rewards of saving a substantial amount of dollars. At first, Zhu Zhu hamster supply was restricted and traders and stores once again took advantage of this situation by artificially increasing their prices, safe in the knowledge that shoppers were still willing to pay these high prices to get their kids the latest must have toy. Things have calmed down from those initial dizzy highs and if you do a little bit of digging there really are some bargains to be had, that as is so common on the internet today.

Buy Sooner Rather Than Later. Every year the same crazy thing happens with kids toys and any experienced parent will no doubt agree with. As soon as a toy is placed on the Toys r Us top ten toy hot list for Christmas, demand skyrockets. All parents that have children, therefore, will be pleased that Zhu Zhu hamsters have just been added to this coveted list! For this Christmas it will mean the inevitable, that those that wait to get their child a hamster till just before Christmas will either come up against the inevitable ‘out of stock’ notice or you will have to pay the exorbitant prices that the restricted Zhu Zhu Pets’ supply will get pushed up to.

Bargain Set Bundles. Buyers of Zhu Zhu hamsters have very rarely being buying a solitary hamster, after all, there really is just so much fun with a child watching a single hamster scurrying around, although fun it is. No, instead they have more usually being buying one or more hamsters and one or more hamster add-ons and then kids have persuaded them to add even more add-ons to in an attempt to create the perfect gigantic hamster habitat. As a consequence, more and more hamster sets and bundles are appearing, this wraps up into a single buy, some of the more popular combinations. Probably the most popular being a Mr Squiggles and Pipsqueak combo or a hamster and hamster Funhouse combo. For the parent, often this means a cheaper overall price compared with buying them on their own.

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Zhu Zhu Pets Are Better Than A Real Hamster

Zhu Zhu pets are just like a real hamster: they run, they play and they sleep. Unlike their real counterparts, there’s no mess or smell.

Zhu Zhu pets come in 4 varieties. They have diverse colourings, and each have a distinct design on their back. The Zhu Zhu’s have their own character traits and each of them makes a different sound while they play.

Zhu Zhu Pets have made available a great set of extras for the toys. Some almost walked right out of a pet store: hamster housing and a wheel to run on, that the toy will use independently when left to play on its own, and a ball that once you put them in it, will roam around the room. For the most fashionable, they offer a skateboard, an automobile the toy drives, a surfboard they zoom around on, and a slide.

For some down time, they have their own beds to put them in, and these beds even come with a matching cosy blanket. If you want them to go with you, they have carriers, with another blanket, so the Zhu Zhu can be on the go with your child. Again, there are four colours for each of the hamsters, and you can choose one to fit any child.

One of the smartest things about the Zhu Zhu kits is the flexibility to put them together. You can hook the sets with one another and create a bigger play area for the hamster. These can be rearranged, moved and added to and will create more entertainment with the Zhu Zhu pet.

These are really life like and entertaining. They are battery operated, and are interactive with children, or just amazing to watch on their own. This is going to be the next big thing in children’s toys come Christmas.

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