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Toys and Accessories For Your Pet Hamster

All household pets like hamsters seek affection and attention from the owner. You should groom your hamsters, feed them and play with them so that they will feel loved. There are various ways of showing affection to your pet hamster. You can give your pet hamster healthy food to eat, toys and accessories to play with and a shelter like a hamster cage for them to live in.

Apart from giving them food, hamsters should also be provided with toys and exercise stuff to make them happy, active and healthy. Hamsters are very playful pets and providing toys for them to use will make them more active and satisfied. They love to climb, run around, go up and down and nibble the things they can hold. You can play with your pet hamster by making them walk along your shoulders as long as you’ve already trained them well not to bite and be unfriendly. Hamsters are adjustable and very social to humans compared to being around their fellow hamsters.

Inside the hamster cage, hamster should be given toys and accessories such artificial tunnel, exercise ball and exercise. They can run on top of the ball, crawl and slide within the tunnel and run within the wheel. The hamsters will definitely enjoy being inside their cage if they have plenty of things to do and toys to play with. Playing can already be a part of your hamster’s exercise because the wheel they are using can serve as their treadmill like what humans use to exercise. Moving around can also prevent the hamsters from getting bored and can make them remain lively.

Hamsters should also be monitored from time to time You should make sure that they do not stress themselves out in using their exercise toys and they do not lack water to drink to prevent dehydration. Hamsters must only be permitted to use their ball and wheel for a maximum of 20 minutes. After that, they should relax before they can use the toys again.

As you can notice in movies, most hamsters like to use exercise wheels so you should make sure to get one for your pet hamster. This can considered a necessity since hamsters should also need to burn some calories particularly since they love to eat any food or object that they can hold onto.

If you have extra budget, you could set up a tunnel maze on your hamster cage. This accessory is available several sizes, color and shapes; the good thing is that it is detachable so you could purpose your own maze. Furthermore, you can purchase complementary parts separately then attach or add them to the maze.

The above-mentioned toys and accessories can make your hamster happy and energetic all the time.

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Zhu Zhu Pets For Every Kid

These toys have become a popular public demand all over the world. Kids and parents love them for they are a toy and a pet in one. They have taken the toy industry by storm as kids have desired this new innovation. There is now a replacement for real life hamsters. Zhu Zhu Pets are now available for kids to enjoy. Be excited as your child experience an amazing kind of interactive toy.

Growing up seems to be the most exciting part of a child. Various hobbies and interests have taken much of a child’s time. Some are find of playing toys, while others like to collect stamps, stickers, figurines and other stuff. Others want to play music while others like sports. Other kids are fond of outdoor activities such as camping, swimming and hiking while others prefer indoor tasks like watching television, cooking and baking.

With the things I mentioned, having a pet is one of the interests that caught their attention as they grow up. Every home is complete when there is a pet present in the household. Pets are part of the family and considered in the budget most of the time. Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fishes and hamsters are the common types. Each child is entertained and amazed how a pet develops as they take care of them.

Hamsters, is one of those pets that is easy to take care. With new innovation, there is now an interactive toy hamster that is affordable that very kid and parent would want. These are not just toys but they are responsive enough that you will be amazed on how they react towards situations. This is an amazing invention!

With how wonderful it is, these have become a crowd favorite and it is easy to market especially during holidays. This toy has changed the level of how a toy should be. It is not just a mere toy but an interactive and entertaining kind of device for kids to have fun and parents to teach their child to take care of them. Now these Zhu Zhu Pets are for kids to explore!

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Super Pet CritterTrail Activity Accessory KitHere’s a neat accessory for your CritterTrail,  Habitrail, or S.A.M. cage.

This kit is an awesome activity center. Your hamster or gerbil will love the extra room to run around and play in here.

Included are a loop-the-loop, snap-on Comfort Wheel, Bubble Plug,  outhouse, J-Tube, Tee Tube, 3.5-inch rings, and 4 connector rings.

These are easy to assemble with no tools needed. Assembled it is 18 inches high.

The Super Pet CritterTrail Activity Accessory Kit will connect to all Super Pet CritterTrail, Habitrail, and S.A.M. systems. It gives your curious critter a safe nesting area and promotes healthy exploration and exercise habits.

Hamster Toys Are Really Helpful

Hamster toys are essential for good health and life of a Hamster. Hamster needs toys in order to expel their energy. When the hamster needs some quite time these toys can also be a hide out. Chew toys are important in keeping the teeth of the hamster thin and work in good order.

The most important thing you as the owner and buyer of these hamster toys you need to remember that hamsters are color blind. So if a pushy salesperson tries to sell you a hot pink or metallic shinny blue toy for an extra $5 to help stimulate the hamster senses forget it. All the hamster sees is black and white! Colored toys are really for the owners enjoyment while watching their hamsters play.

The most important toy for your hamster can be a hamster wheel. They travel in the wild places for long hours at night searching for food. So this wheel can be of real help to your hamster as they can travel such long distances on the wheel.

If hamsters are given a proper diet then it is not necessary for them to chew toys otherwise they can be a nice treat for them. They are available in sizes, shapes and flavors. They are made of vegetable and fruit pieces and seeds. If the hamster does not want to chew toys then a dog biscuit can also be offered to them as they love the taste of such biscuits and they also are healthier for the hamsters.

The hamster can also need toys for hiding inside a cage. Like other animals they also prefer little solitude at times and make tunnels for this purpose. But you should see that whether they are large enough because the hamsters can become pregnant too.

Another toy option is the climbing toys. Many hamster toys are available with a ladder type option and buying them can be a good idea as hamsters love to climb.

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Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Assorted Tubes

Make your critter trail home even more incredible with the vibrantly colored fun-noels you receive in critter trail fun-noels value packs. This value pack gives you a fun-nel elbow, a fun-nel tube, a fun-nel tee, fun-nel rings, and a fun-nel bubble-plug. Add on other fun-noels value packs to increase the fun in your pet’s super cool home. With the fun-noels value packs, you can give your critter trail habitat all the twists and turns you need to turn your critter trail habitat i (more…)

Super Pet Critter Cruiser for Small Animals

Critter cruiser is an exciting pet powered exercise car for hamsters and gerbils. Critter cruiser’s adjustable racing wheel allows for the car to work in three different ways. First, when the comfort wheel is in the top position, exercising critters spin the wheel and the critter cruiser remains stationary. Interactive fun begins by adjusting the comfort wheel into the middle position. In the middle position, you can watch your pet turn the wheel and roll their critter cruiser o (more…)

Super Pet Run-About Hamtrac

Super Pet Run-About Hamtrac

Consisting of eight sections of connectable track, the 4′ x 2′ assembled hamtrac provides a safe and controlled exercise environment for small animals. Hamtrac was designed to be compatible with all three sizes of super pet’s run-about exercise balls and super pet’s new critter powered critter cruiser car. Hamtrac’s unique design keeps run-about balls rolling and critter cruisers gliding along safely on the radius of the track. Hamtrac also creates interactive fun between the (more…)

With Christmas fast approaching and kids ‘toys I want’ lists getting longer and longer by the day, from a parent’s perspective, are these latest craze Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters (often pronounced as Zoo Zoo Pets hamsters and Zu Zu Pets hamsters) worth buying, or would you be better off buying one of the other toys on the list?

With Zhu Zhu hamsters having recently secured a position on the Toys r Us hot Christmas list, you can be sure that come Christmas day, most kids will be the proud owner of one…at least. So Christmas day comes and your daughter’s friends are all showing off their cute toy hamsters and she asks you why she is the only one without one, especially as they only cost $7 retail, you will obviously have a very practical and responsible reply that will immediately convince her that she simply doesn’t need one!

The fun. Without a doubt, kids of all ages love these little furry hamsters. Parents find them pretty cool too (well I do anyway!). The great thing about them, besides the four different hamster choices each having different personalities and acting differently, different aspects of these interactive toy pets appeals differently to each child. Girls love the affectionate mode and pampering and taking care of it, almost in a real hamster pet fashion. Boys on the other hand love to see them go fast and do all the cool tricks and moves that they do in explore mode. So whether you’re buying a hamster toy this Christmas for a girl or boy, they will equally be thoroughly entertained and have literally hour after hour of fun…and that’s from personal experience! Ah, a sudden surge of relaxation time for mom!

There is a great range of accessories available for Zhu Zhu hamster toys, from houses to cars to surfboards. All of the add-ons integrate together, so your kid’s can slowly build up a gigantic fully functional hamster habitat. This will not only extend the amount of creativity that your child shows, but also provide an exponential surge in fun and excitement and add on hours of additional time that they spend using it all, without the alternative need to now substitute the hamster for the other latest toy.

How many children these days plead with their parents for a real hamster and for one practical reason or another, it is just not a good idea. Well for those parents in the same boat, you’ll be glad to know that these cute hamster toys are turning out to be a real alternative to the real deal but without the mess and responsibility that goes along with a live pet. I know it doesn’t sound right, but sometimes these days parents just have to be a bit sneaky!

If you are anything like me, I try as hard as I can to keep my daughters away from continual idle entertainment such as video games and marathon TV sessions. I love toys that make them be creative, think and if they get some exercise at the same time, all the better. These Zhu Zhu hamster toys took me completely by surprise. It’s amazing the different things that they think of getting the hamster to do around the house and with all of the various accessories that I have ended up buying and as for exercise, well my little one gets plenty chasing Mr Squiggles from room to room when he goes into explore mode.

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Toy Hamster Famine What Can We Do?

Ever as I have had children I even have noticed there’s a particular pattern that emerges nearly all Christmases, there is a toy that’s marketed and everyonein the the human race is told it is the legal yoy that you simply be needed to have. Over the months moving towards Christmas the said product is marketed to the pont of every child wanting said plaything then as Christmas gets nearer the said toy becomes limited prices get higher and availability drops, parent get incensed and the final makers get better-off.

If you are a parent of young children or are a parent to little children then the higher than perhaps sounds all to familiar.

Thus what’s the scarce gift of Christmas 2009.?

Well a toy hamster called zhu zhu or go go hamster if you’re from the united kingdom , is the legal substantial toy of 2009, though the obvious is going on and stocks have gotten short and prices have begun to go up with numerous folks enraged with sure enormous name retailers seemly taking gain of the scarcity of toy hamsters with names such as num nums plus Mr squiggles.

Thus what can be done?

Well the rough advice is either pay up or appear for a different toy, or fewer you know a few were else you are able supply the toy hamster from. The scarcity will not appear as severe during the USA as it is during the UK at the instant, plus remember to get a perception here, no sooner has this rage begun then one thing in addition can take its place and the entire process of taking cash of your pockets can begin yet again.

The conclusive conclusion for your selves is are you ready to pay out or not, that will come down to scores of factors commencing your resources to your thoughts about being marketed to plus finally how far your children in fact require their toy hamster.

Every one that’s left for me to utter is at this period of year it may each one feel a little bit weighed down, so take a deep breath plus bear in mind, this is merely a sequence that may return next year and the final year once, so simply make a deep breath and consider what’s best for you and your kids and do not take into account the promotional, work to your financial plan and you as parents create the decision if a toy hamster is price the investment for your young children.

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Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Num Nums

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Num Nums

Each Zhu Zhu Hamter has its own unique personality & whimsical sounds. Loving Mode: Pet them, love them, hear them chatter Explore Mode: Let them scoot, scamper, across the floor. Provide them with their Hamster Habitat.


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