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I put my hamster in my room for the day and the cage has a wheel and it goes on it and it dus my heading so i put it in the kitchen is that ok ?

the rotastak big cages aren’t really designed for dwarf hamsters, Syrians yes
so you’ll have too get some metal ladders up the tubes so they can reach they should be right at home then :)

do i have to change the water everyday?

I really want a hamster, but I’m not sure if I can afford it. I heard it costs about $80 startup including cage, etc. and then about $20 per month? Also what kind of cage/wheel/ball should I get for a black bear syrian?

i know that some rodents spray when they are trying to mark out thier territory, to help reduce smell with my ratties i leave a little bit of dirty litter in after i have cleaned thier cage (so it smells like them still and they don’t feel the need to reclaim the area) and I also sprinklw a little bi carb soda under the flooring (i use cat litter) it helps to obsorb the smell and isn’t harmful if they have a taste.
hope that helps!!

i have got a standard hamster cage – no pipes or attachments etc and i was wondering if i could use it for any other animals other than hamsters :)

somewhere around $30.
i am getting a syrian black bear hamster:]]

I know what type you mean.
You just attach it to the cage like this:http://www.thatpetplace.com/images/preseā€¦

Why Does My Hamster Chew On The Bars Of His Cage?

My hamster is always chewing on the bars of his cage. What does that mean? Is it bad for him? I give him toys to chew on but it does not help. Why dose he chew on the bars more when it is hot out?

I was wondering what kind of cage i should i put my pregnant syrian hamster who should be giving birth in a few days or so in. Does anyone know?

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