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Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage

Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage


The Marchioro Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort Cage is a fully outfitted home that allows your gerbil, hamster, or mouse plenty of room to play and exercise in. No doubt, your pet will remain engaged and interested with the vented plastic exercise wheel, colorful tubes, and 2 platforms for easy access to food and water. A wire door on top allows you easy access. The sturdy plastic yellow base and black collapsible coated-wire cage assemble easily with no tools needed and no n (more…)

Hamster Toys Are Really Helpful

Hamster toys are essential for good health and life of a Hamster. Hamster needs toys in order to expel their energy. When the hamster needs some quite time these toys can also be a hide out. Chew toys are important in keeping the teeth of the hamster thin and work in good order.

The most important thing you as the owner and buyer of these hamster toys you need to remember that hamsters are color blind. So if a pushy salesperson tries to sell you a hot pink or metallic shinny blue toy for an extra $5 to help stimulate the hamster senses forget it. All the hamster sees is black and white! Colored toys are really for the owners enjoyment while watching their hamsters play.

The most important toy for your hamster can be a hamster wheel. They travel in the wild places for long hours at night searching for food. So this wheel can be of real help to your hamster as they can travel such long distances on the wheel.

If hamsters are given a proper diet then it is not necessary for them to chew toys otherwise they can be a nice treat for them. They are available in sizes, shapes and flavors. They are made of vegetable and fruit pieces and seeds. If the hamster does not want to chew toys then a dog biscuit can also be offered to them as they love the taste of such biscuits and they also are healthier for the hamsters.

The hamster can also need toys for hiding inside a cage. Like other animals they also prefer little solitude at times and make tunnels for this purpose. But you should see that whether they are large enough because the hamsters can become pregnant too.

Another toy option is the climbing toys. Many hamster toys are available with a ladder type option and buying them can be a good idea as hamsters love to climb.

The writer of the above article takes immense interest in the various hamster cages that are available online. He is well aware of the various pet enclosures that are available. To know more on pet cages do visit the pages dwarf hamster cage and habitrail hamster cage.

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper


Any 10-gallon tank becomes a swanky multi-level high rise for your hamster, gerbil, or mouse with the Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper. It snaps together in minutes using no tools, and even comes with a pet nameplate, so you can personalize your critter’s home. You also get Comfort Shelves, Safety Ramps, a food dish, a water bottle, and a Little Brick House hideout. Measures 10.75 x 20 x 10 inches. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other small animals.


Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Assorted Tubes

Make your critter trail home even more incredible with the vibrantly colored fun-noels you receive in critter trail fun-noels value packs. This value pack gives you a fun-nel elbow, a fun-nel tube, a fun-nel tee, fun-nel rings, and a fun-nel bubble-plug. Add on other fun-noels value packs to increase the fun in your pet’s super cool home. With the fun-noels value packs, you can give your critter trail habitat all the twists and turns you need to turn your critter trail habitat i (more…)

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Super Pet Hamster Potty

The hamster potty was developed to take advantage of your small animals natural instinct to go potty in one specific area of their home. The hamster potty can be placed anywhere inside of any hamster or gerbil home and it comes complete with free sample of potty litter and sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter. Yes, you really can potty train your small animal pet.


Super Pet CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat

Here’s another cool CritterTrail cage from Super Pet.

This will provide your hamster, gerbil or pet mouse with a safe, creative place to exercise and play.

It has a rotating pet-powered activity wheel that offers hours of fun.

The habitat is well ventilated with a deep base, and is very easy to clean. Water bottle and food dish included. The Super Protect technology built into all plastic interior surfaces ensures a healthy environme (more…)

Super Pet CritterTrail Extreme Challenge HabitatHere is one of the cages that we have.

It’s called the CritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat by Super Pet.

It’s a small cage that provided extra room by placing the running wheel on the outside. Not only that, but the wheel rotates left or right besides the normal spinning that your hamster or gerbil will do.

The other great thing we like is the small compartment on top. I believe they call it a removable petting zone. With a hamster like ours, he comes to the top when we want to take him out which makes it a breeze. A lot easier than reaching in through the side door.  The whole compartment comes out which makes it wasy to clean and easy to access the inside of the cage.

There is also a regular door on the side of the cage.  Like all CritterTrail Cages it’s easily expandable with available accessories.

Last time I looked at Amazon there was only a 3 start rating, but I am sure a few poor comments lowered the score.  Read the reviews there. Overall we are happy with this hamster cage.

I put my hamster in my room for the day and the cage has a wheel and it goes on it and it dus my heading so i put it in the kitchen is that ok ?

the rotastak big cages aren’t really designed for dwarf hamsters, Syrians yes
so you’ll have too get some metal ladders up the tubes so they can reach they should be right at home then :)

i have got a standard hamster cage – no pipes or attachments etc and i was wondering if i could use it for any other animals other than hamsters :)

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