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pet store?

My hamster keeps chewing the bars on the cage and I don’t know what to do. I bought her wood chews but when I give it to her she just throws it to the corner and goes right back to chewing on the cage so what am I going to do?

The color of the cage wasn’t the one I wanted, so I was wondering if it was safe for your hamster to have a cage, PARTICALLY painted with Acrylic Non-toxic paint?

Yes i change the cage often.

Whats The Best Cage For A Syrian Hamster?

Whats the best cage for my Syrian hamster?
(Got to be good value as well. ) In the UK)
I’ve previously had a simple, bar-ed cage, with two levels.

I know this sounds like Wonder pet but I’m sure there has to be something out there for me?

Do I need any chew toys? Should I change my pine bedding? What bedding is the one you totally recommend? Should I get a some chinchilla sand like what people said?Should I get a mini house inside her cage?

What Cage For My Hamster Is The Best?

If I were to get a cage to attach to a bin what would be the best cage (one that a hamster can’t escape from, one that can be found in canada, one that has fairly good ventalation and one that is not too pricey I am thinking my price range to be aything up to $70) Please don’t recommend bin or aquariums

Can A Gerbil Live In A Dwarf Hamster Cage?

My dwarf hamster died… I am thinking of getting a gerbil. Are gerbils the same size as dwarf hamsters???

I am planning to make a bin cage to my male hamster. The most common ventilation system is the opening on the lid with a screen. I want to have a new kind of system to enhance the circulation of the air inside.

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