Are you prepared for the next step in taking care of your pet hamsters? Do you know how to breed them so they can produce more hamsters? Apart from supervising the development of your pet hamsters and playing with them from time to time, there will surely come a time when your pet hamster would want to have his own family. It would seek a mating partner and of course have their cute offspring. They’d love to see 10 little cuties demanding for their mom’s milk. Of course, pet owners especially kids would also be delighted and get excited to see little hamsters come out. However, before that time comes, you must be ready enough to assume more tasks and know more about hamster breeding.

For first time breeders, it is better to follow the conventional way of breeding which is breeding a hamster with one of its own breed. Just give the cross breeding to animal experts because they are the only ones who can best handle cross breeding. If you have a pet dwarf hamster partner, find a male dwarf hamster and let them mate. Some hamsters are solitary when it comes to dealing with fellow hamsters so make sure to introduce them early. Hamsters are less solitary when it comes to dealing with same breed.

Animal experts say that hamsters start to get sexually active at the age of 6 weeks but then they are still too young to do so this often results to cannibalism. Of course you wouldn’t want your pet to eat their or harm their babies right? Make sure to stop them from mating at this early. The best age for a hamster to have a baby is when they reach 2-3 months old but not longer than 6 months because this may result to some birth complications. Monitor the age of your hamster so you will know the best time to breed.

If you are curious to know how many time females hamsters give birth then the answer is only two to three times. You need to wait 3-4 months before you can breed them again. Same with us humans, female hamster’s body need to heal and recover after the antagonizing process of giving birth. You can expect about 2 babies per birth and very seldom it can raise 3 babies. You are very lucky if this happens.

Well, if you are going to start breeding your hamsters now, them you should keep in mind that hamsters are mostly anti-social so be prepared to separate the two hamsters if you notice they are getting violent.. Make sure to use your protective gloves in splitting them for you might get bitten. If they connect well, then leave them for about 15 minutes then part them afterward or upon seeing that they are losing interest.

Reading helpful guides and articles about hamster breeding is very important so you can properly breed your hamsters.

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