A lot of households now have hamsters as pet mainly because hamsters are easy to handle and very vibrant. However, same with other household pets they also get ill and when they are sick it is critical to send them to a veterinary clinic.. It is also essential that you recognize the common hamster health issues so you will know how to deal with them.

Below are the 5 common health issues that hamsters usually encounter.

1.) Allergies and skin diseases

Hamsters are like humans that also get infected with skin diseases when their hamster cage is dirty and unhygienic. Skin disease may be caused by improper beddings like cedar or the infestation by mites and ringworms. Because they are small, hamsters are easily injured by objects around them or when they rub their body against something rough. It is critical that you look at the body of your hamster now and then to see if they got skin infection or abscesses due to lesions.

2.) Digestive Problems

Diarrhea and wet tail are the most common digestive problems that hamster suffer from. This usually results from changes in food they eat, stress and infection. Diarrhea normally happens when there is a change in the hamster’s diet like for example if you give them too many veggies in a day or too much fresh foods. Also, diarrhea may occur if your hamster is undergoing treatment and taking medicines like penicillin. When your pet is suffering from diarrhea then you should seek help from the veterinarian or temporarily stop giving fresh foods or any food to them that may have caused diarrhea.

On the other hand, wet tail is a condition where bacteria are accumulated which results to wetness in the behind of your pet. If you detect that your hamster is inactivity or appears down and that your pet has poor appetite then you should right away check their tail part and bring them to the vet clinic as soon as possible. Wet tail may cause death to your hamster so make sure to bring them right away to a veterinarian. Wet tail can be transmitted from hamster to hamster so it is best to check the bottom of a hamster before buying it. You should also observe other hamsters inside the pet store to see if they are not enduring from wet tail.

3.) Hair loss

Frequent rubbing by hamsters usually leads to baldness in some parts of their body. Some hamsters also get rough at times and might chew the fur of other hamsters causing them hair loss. Hair loss can also be a symptom to an underlying disease like adrenal tumor and kidney failure.

4.) Dental Problems

Hamsters love to chew just about anything that they can hold and it is important for them to have something to chew so as not to make their teeth grow long. If their teeth grow long it can affect their mouth area. Look for a toy or “chewer” for them to chew to avoid suffering from dental problems.

5.) Respiratory Illness

Runny nose and eyes and diabetes are the common respiratory illnesses that hamsters suffer from. Like human body, the hamster’s body must be able to produce sufficient insulin and if this does not happen it will lead to diabetes. Diabetes among hamsters can be easily determined when your pet hamster frequently urinates and is always thirsty. It is critical to send your pet to the vet clinic for proper treatment of respiratory illnesses.

Similar to us humans, our pet hamsters also get sick and need to be treated immediately especially if they are suffering from terrible illness such as wet tail. Monitor your pet hamster’s health and make sure to have them checked by animal experts as soon as you find something unusual in their body and in their behaviour.

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