Finding The Perfect Hamster Cage – Cheap!

Hamsters are a great choice for children, but if you are put off by the cost then don’t be! When it comes to hamster cages, cheap options are available (from upwards of just $20!) and there are a huge variety of cages available to suit all homes.

Security For Your Pocket Pet

You may be looking for a hamster cage that has a cheap price, but please don’t buy one that’s cheap quality.  Your hamster is a living creature – a furry, family member – and he needs a comfortable and safe home just like you do.  Keeping him in a secure cage, one that he can’t chew through or sneak out of, is important for his safety.  You don’t want to come home and find that your new little pocket pet has been eaten by the dog or sucked up by the vacuum!

Be sure to provide as much space for your hamster as possible.  While he may be just a little guy, hamsters like to run and jump and explore.  They’re very active and keeping them in a cage that is too small can make them depressed and sad.  The good news is that even large cages can be cheap.

Types of Hamster Cages

Hamster cages, cheap or expensive, come in a wide range of different types. The standard shape is rectangular, making them easy to fit into the corner of a room. However, cages are generally made out of different materials.

Keeping your hamster safe and healthy in a wire cage is fine but these types of cages can be messy.  The hamster bedding and droppings tend to fall through the bars.  Hamsters also like to chew on the bars and this could hurt their teeth.  Using an aquarium or other glass container is another option, but they can be difficult to clean and ventilation is sometimes a problem.  A good, cheap hamster cage is a combination of wire and plastic, with plenty of ventilation.

Finding Cheap Hamster Cages

When it comes to hamster cages, cheap deals are best found after a little research. The internet now makes this extremely easy, and there are many websites dedicated to providing you with the best deals.

Its worth considering just what you want out of your hamster cage. Some cheap hamster cages will provide you with the absolute basics ” but it could be worth paying out a little more to get items like a wheel, food, a water bottle and bedding included in one price. Though its more expensive upfront, it will save you money compared to buying the items separately.

Hamster cages, cheap and expensive, are an important home for your new pet. This is why you should do your research before making your decision ” but know now that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

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Anatomy of a Hamster

The hamster is a rodent that we can find in different parts of the world. At present, many people purchase hamsters to be their family pet. Hamsters are cute, adorable and very vibrant. They are nocturnal animals that are solitary in nature. They’d rather be alone than to be with fellow hamsters.

In general, hamsters are very small. They range only from 2-11 inches in size and they can only weigh up to 900 grams in weight which is why they can easily be kept in hamster cages. A hamster is often used in a research or experiments because several parts of their body are similar to us humans. They are like guinea pigs that are used as laboratory animals.

Pet hamsters are generally studied in their sensory systems like taste and vision. They are used by scientists looking for a cure of certain diseases such as pancreatic cancer, cardiopulmonary disease and other similar ailments. Hamsters breed rapidly and in general disease-free that is why scientists love to use them for experiments. Moreover, their cardiovascular system is almost same to a human being that is why experiments are performed to find remedy to most cardiovascular diseases.

Physically, you can see that hamsters have fat bodies with cheek pouches on the sides of their heads. They also have very strong legs and wide feet. They use their cheek pouches to store the food they have collected. Their teeth continuously grow that is why they need to chew on objects or food to stop their teeth from growing very long which can affect their health.

The internal parts of hamsters mainly comprise of skull, jaw, teeth, limbs and tail. Their sense organs are mouth, nose, eyes, ears and skin.. A hamster’s average life span is 2-2 years but can reach up to 3 & years depending on the breed.

Experts say that hamsters have poor vision and are tend to be color-blind but then their sense of hearing is very well developed and their nose can distinguish different scent which can make up for their poor visual sense.

Hamster is an ideal pet to take care of because it is by and large friendly to us humans as long as they are trained at an early age. Some breeds are mostly sweet so you won’t have trouble trying to make them like you. Ready a hamster cage now for your pet hamster to live in. Just be sure to buy the right hamster cage which can make your hamster happy and satisfied.

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Hamster Habitats

Are you looking for a wonderful habitat for your pet hamster? Would you like to create a replica of their natural habitat?Well you actually don’t need to do a study or think any longer because there are many accessories that can be utilized to make an artificial habitat for your hamster.

Hamsters love to play, run, climb and chew on things. Since they belong to the rodent family, it’s in their nature to nibble anything they can hold on to. Also, their front teeth actually continue to grow that is why they need to constantly chew to keep it from turning long.

In their natural habitat, hamsters spend most of their time creating tunnels or burrows as shelter. They oftentimes dig under the ground to produce their own shelter. Burrows are great natural habitat for hamsters because of its high humidity level which is good for hamsters.

At present, hamsters are popular household pets. It is critical that pet owners produce a habitat that is similar to hamster’s natural habitat in order to make your pet hamster happy with the place they will live in. It is now easy to create an artificial habitat for your pet hamster. Hamster cages are the suitable artificial habitat for your pet.

Hamster cages can be bought in stores at several sizes, styles and colors. There are cages that already hold accessories like tunnels which can serve like burrows for hamsters to move around. Hamsters like to play and run on the wild so it would be perfect if you could give a larger cage for your pet to live in. Whether the cage is wired, plastic or aquarium type cages as long it has a wide floor area for your pet to run, it would surely be ok.

An essential factor to consider in buying those cages is your pet’s security and ventilation. The wired cages provide the best ventilation since air can passes through these cages but be sure that there is little space between wires to prevent your hamster from getting away or slipping outside. There are instances that hamsters especially the dwarf hamster escape their cages because of the large clearance between the wired cages.

Plastic and aquarium-type cages are the most secured type of hamster cage although they offer less ventilation compared to the others. So, if you were to choose any of the two, you should get a larger one so your pet would have more air to breathe.

Another thing that you can add to your pet’s cage is a wooden chew toy. Oftentimes hamsters tend to get bored and don’t be surprised if you see your pet chewing on your wired cage. Giving them a safe chewing toy would make them happy and busy at the same time.

In order to create an artificial habitat for hamsters that is similar with the natural one, then you should purchase a tunnel. Tunnels can be purchased in many colors, sizes and shapes. These artificial plastic tunnels are also interchangeable and can be interconnected with one another, leading the end of the tunnel back again to your cage or even to another chamber. This can be enjoyable for hamsters.

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Hamster Cage Selection

Are you ready to take home your newest pet hamster? Have you already bought a hamster cage for your pet before you purchased it? Well, before buying a pet hamster, it is important that you already got the best hamster cage for your hamster. Remember that your pet must live in a stress-free environment in order for it to stay happy and always healthy. Finding the right cage is a great way to make your hamster feel comfortable, happy and contented.

There are many kinds of hamster cage that you can find in pet stores. Hamster cages are available in different styles, color and size. In picking out the best hamster cage for your pet, here are some tips that you should consider.

1.) Correct size

Find out what breed your hamster is and how big it is. Depending on the breed, several hamsters can be smaller than the others if it is small then you can look for a much smaller cage compared to the bigger ones for huge hamsters. However, make sure that the cage is not too small for your pet. Dwarf hamster should be set in small or medium-sized cages. You could purchase a cage with the size of feet in floor area and 1 foot tall. On the other hand, golden hamsters certainly would need a larger cage to live in.

2.) Clean and spacious cage

Some cages already contain many accessories inside which sometimes make it looked cramped. Hamsters enjoy roaming and running around so it is essential to have a spacious and clean cage without unneeded accessories. Some objects might harm your hamster so make sure to take it off. You should also choose a cage that is not difficult to clean and with less attached objects.

3.) Security and safety

Another important factor to consider when selecting a cage is the design which can be harmful or unsafe to your pet. Some cages are barred and have small spaces to protect a hamster from slipping out of the cage. You have to choose carefully from the different variety of barred cages because some hamsters are very small and may accidentally slip or get stuck in spaces between bars. It is also recommended to choose aquarium or plastic modular cages.

4.) Ventilation

Breathing air is also significant for hamsters to remain healthy hence it is essential to buy a cage with proper ventilation. Correct ventilation implies having sufficient air go inside the cage to avoid getting your hamster suffocated.

Follow all the tips mentioned so that you can choose the best hamster cage where your hamster can live in and stay happy and healthy.

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Common Hamster Behavior

How important is it to understand your pet’s behavior? Did you conduct a research before you purchased the pet you have now? Well, before buying a pet you should first learn their behavior so that you will know how you can adjust to them and how to handle them well. Experts say that knowing your pet’s natural behavior is the key to a stress-free and well-balanced relationship with your pet. It is essential that you build good relationship with your pet hamster so you will have fun together. Hamsters are same with other pets that have unique behavior which the owner should be aware of. You should learn how to handle hamsters and even tame them so they won’t bite. It is not enough that you find them cute and cuddly.

Do you know that hamsters are solitary in nature? A hamster hate to live in a cage with fellow hamsters. They like to be on their own although there are breeds like Dwarf hamsters that can live in couples or groups as long as they are introduced to other hamsters at a young age. In the first three to four weeks of life, young hamsters are usually driven away by their moms to be on their own. Thus, they are used to having things their way and do not count much on other hamsters.

Hamsters are generally clean and odorless compared to other pets. They usually separate their bed with their eating containers and even make a separate place for them to play. They are not used to getting dirty so owners should see to it that the things inside their hamster’s cage is well-organized so that their pet will enjoy its stay inside the cage.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals which means they are asleep during the days and awake at night. At nighttime, they like to play, make some noise and do their stuff. Be sure to put their hamster cage in a portion of your home where you and your family will not be disturbed when sleeping.

Hamsters also love to dig holes and stay in tunnels. That is why cage accessories like artificial tunnels with several chambers were created. Hamsters can play and crawl inside the tunnel. You can purchase these tunnels in different pet stores and these are sold in different forms, sizes and colors. Make sure the tunnel you chose will fit inside your hamster’s cage.

Lastly, hamsters like to chew or nibble just about any food or object that they can grab. To keep them great health make sure to get rid of objects that can injure your pet and provide them only healthy foods. You can also buy accessories like a “chewer” that you can give to your pet hamster to chew.

Since you are now aware of the basic behavior of hamsters, it is time for you to buy one. Be a responsible owner and provide your pet with their basic needs.

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Breeding of Hamsters

Are you prepared for the next step in taking care of your pet hamsters? Do you know how to breed them so they can produce more hamsters? Apart from supervising the development of your pet hamsters and playing with them from time to time, there will surely come a time when your pet hamster would want to have his own family. It would seek a mating partner and of course have their cute offspring. They’d love to see 10 little cuties demanding for their mom’s milk. Of course, pet owners especially kids would also be delighted and get excited to see little hamsters come out. However, before that time comes, you must be ready enough to assume more tasks and know more about hamster breeding.

For first time breeders, it is better to follow the conventional way of breeding which is breeding a hamster with one of its own breed. Just give the cross breeding to animal experts because they are the only ones who can best handle cross breeding. If you have a pet dwarf hamster partner, find a male dwarf hamster and let them mate. Some hamsters are solitary when it comes to dealing with fellow hamsters so make sure to introduce them early. Hamsters are less solitary when it comes to dealing with same breed.

Animal experts say that hamsters start to get sexually active at the age of 6 weeks but then they are still too young to do so this often results to cannibalism. Of course you wouldn’t want your pet to eat their or harm their babies right? Make sure to stop them from mating at this early. The best age for a hamster to have a baby is when they reach 2-3 months old but not longer than 6 months because this may result to some birth complications. Monitor the age of your hamster so you will know the best time to breed.

If you are curious to know how many time females hamsters give birth then the answer is only two to three times. You need to wait 3-4 months before you can breed them again. Same with us humans, female hamster’s body need to heal and recover after the antagonizing process of giving birth. You can expect about 2 babies per birth and very seldom it can raise 3 babies. You are very lucky if this happens.

Well, if you are going to start breeding your hamsters now, them you should keep in mind that hamsters are mostly anti-social so be prepared to separate the two hamsters if you notice they are getting violent.. Make sure to use your protective gloves in splitting them for you might get bitten. If they connect well, then leave them for about 15 minutes then part them afterward or upon seeing that they are losing interest.

Reading helpful guides and articles about hamster breeding is very important so you can properly breed your hamsters.

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Toys and Accessories For Your Pet Hamster

All household pets like hamsters seek affection and attention from the owner. You should groom your hamsters, feed them and play with them so that they will feel loved. There are various ways of showing affection to your pet hamster. You can give your pet hamster healthy food to eat, toys and accessories to play with and a shelter like a hamster cage for them to live in.

Apart from giving them food, hamsters should also be provided with toys and exercise stuff to make them happy, active and healthy. Hamsters are very playful pets and providing toys for them to use will make them more active and satisfied. They love to climb, run around, go up and down and nibble the things they can hold. You can play with your pet hamster by making them walk along your shoulders as long as you’ve already trained them well not to bite and be unfriendly. Hamsters are adjustable and very social to humans compared to being around their fellow hamsters.

Inside the hamster cage, hamster should be given toys and accessories such artificial tunnel, exercise ball and exercise. They can run on top of the ball, crawl and slide within the tunnel and run within the wheel. The hamsters will definitely enjoy being inside their cage if they have plenty of things to do and toys to play with. Playing can already be a part of your hamster’s exercise because the wheel they are using can serve as their treadmill like what humans use to exercise. Moving around can also prevent the hamsters from getting bored and can make them remain lively.

Hamsters should also be monitored from time to time You should make sure that they do not stress themselves out in using their exercise toys and they do not lack water to drink to prevent dehydration. Hamsters must only be permitted to use their ball and wheel for a maximum of 20 minutes. After that, they should relax before they can use the toys again.

As you can notice in movies, most hamsters like to use exercise wheels so you should make sure to get one for your pet hamster. This can considered a necessity since hamsters should also need to burn some calories particularly since they love to eat any food or object that they can hold onto.

If you have extra budget, you could set up a tunnel maze on your hamster cage. This accessory is available several sizes, color and shapes; the good thing is that it is detachable so you could purpose your own maze. Furthermore, you can purchase complementary parts separately then attach or add them to the maze.

The above-mentioned toys and accessories can make your hamster happy and energetic all the time.

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Proper Hamster Cage Cleaning and Care

A hamster is a domesticated animal that belongs to the rodent family. Hamsters are now popular household pets that many people especially kids love to take care of. Same with other house pets, hamsters also seek attention and need training in order to be tamed to become friendlier to humans. If you decide to pick a hamster as a pet, then make sure you are responsible enough and can set time to supervise the growth of your hamster and play with it.

In picking out a hamster, it is wise to select one that is about 4 to 8 weeks old. According to animal experts, hamsters at this age are easily trained compared to hamsters that are more than 8 weeks old. Now, before finally getting a hamster, you should make sure that you already have a hamster cage and you know where to place it. Hamsters hate to be under the sun so find a cozy part of your home where you can place the hamster cage.

As expected, your hamster will surely leave some mess like droppings in their cage. Hamsters eat often so be prepared in cleaning up the droppings in their hamster cage to remove foul odor. Of course, it is less smelly compared to the feces of dogs and cats. One way to minimize the odor and avoid cleansing from time to time is to use pine wood shavings and lay it on the hamster cage floor at 2 inches high. Pine wood is known to be a great absorbent of foul odors so it can surely help reduce the smell inside the hamster cage.

If you have arranged all the things that your hamster need in the hamster cage then it would be less difficult for your to clean up their mess. You can clean their cage once a week or every time you find the cage is very foul. Keep the cage clean so that your pet won’t get ill due to dirt and contamination.

You should also use a water container that won’t be tipped off easily by your pet hamster so that the pine wood shavings will not decompose which might cause illness to your pet. There are special containers that can be bought in the pet store that seem like a feeding bottle made especially for hamsters. It should be placed in the wall of the cage which can be reached by the hamster so it can suck on the bottle like what babies do.

Sleep is very important for hamsters to stay energetic thus it is important to provide enough room and make a comfy bed for your hamster to sleep. You can use a piece of cardboard or you can buy special beddings in a pet store. You can even buy a cute little house especially created for hamsters which is available in various color and style.

It would also be wise to buy a wheel or running ball for hamster to use in working out. You can also add a small tunnel toy for your pet to move around. This artificial tunnel can be bought in pet store and are available in various length, style and color.

Be a responsible pet owner by giving your hamsters the things they need like their own hamster cage where they can play, live and eat contentedly.

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5 Known Hamster Health Problems

A lot of households now have hamsters as pet mainly because hamsters are easy to handle and very vibrant. However, same with other household pets they also get ill and when they are sick it is critical to send them to a veterinary clinic.. It is also essential that you recognize the common hamster health issues so you will know how to deal with them.

Below are the 5 common health issues that hamsters usually encounter.

1.) Allergies and skin diseases

Hamsters are like humans that also get infected with skin diseases when their hamster cage is dirty and unhygienic. Skin disease may be caused by improper beddings like cedar or the infestation by mites and ringworms. Because they are small, hamsters are easily injured by objects around them or when they rub their body against something rough. It is critical that you look at the body of your hamster now and then to see if they got skin infection or abscesses due to lesions.

2.) Digestive Problems

Diarrhea and wet tail are the most common digestive problems that hamster suffer from. This usually results from changes in food they eat, stress and infection. Diarrhea normally happens when there is a change in the hamster’s diet like for example if you give them too many veggies in a day or too much fresh foods. Also, diarrhea may occur if your hamster is undergoing treatment and taking medicines like penicillin. When your pet is suffering from diarrhea then you should seek help from the veterinarian or temporarily stop giving fresh foods or any food to them that may have caused diarrhea.

On the other hand, wet tail is a condition where bacteria are accumulated which results to wetness in the behind of your pet. If you detect that your hamster is inactivity or appears down and that your pet has poor appetite then you should right away check their tail part and bring them to the vet clinic as soon as possible. Wet tail may cause death to your hamster so make sure to bring them right away to a veterinarian. Wet tail can be transmitted from hamster to hamster so it is best to check the bottom of a hamster before buying it. You should also observe other hamsters inside the pet store to see if they are not enduring from wet tail.

3.) Hair loss

Frequent rubbing by hamsters usually leads to baldness in some parts of their body. Some hamsters also get rough at times and might chew the fur of other hamsters causing them hair loss. Hair loss can also be a symptom to an underlying disease like adrenal tumor and kidney failure.

4.) Dental Problems

Hamsters love to chew just about anything that they can hold and it is important for them to have something to chew so as not to make their teeth grow long. If their teeth grow long it can affect their mouth area. Look for a toy or “chewer” for them to chew to avoid suffering from dental problems.

5.) Respiratory Illness

Runny nose and eyes and diabetes are the common respiratory illnesses that hamsters suffer from. Like human body, the hamster’s body must be able to produce sufficient insulin and if this does not happen it will lead to diabetes. Diabetes among hamsters can be easily determined when your pet hamster frequently urinates and is always thirsty. It is critical to send your pet to the vet clinic for proper treatment of respiratory illnesses.

Similar to us humans, our pet hamsters also get sick and need to be treated immediately especially if they are suffering from terrible illness such as wet tail. Monitor your pet hamster’s health and make sure to have them checked by animal experts as soon as you find something unusual in their body and in their behaviour.

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Great Foods and Treats For Your Pet Hamster

A lot of people would like to get a hamster for pet? A hamster is considered one of the most favorite pets by children and adult alike. Hamsters are huggable, cute, friendly and energetic. They are also popular for their unique sleeping and eating habits. Hamsters chew almost everything that they can find from plants to small insects. They are nocturnal so they are asleep during the day and are very much active at nighttime. But then, problems arise if you allow your pet hamster to chew just anything they can take hold of so make sure to manage what they are consuming and give them the right kinds of food. `

Like any other pets, a hamster should be given the nutritious food for them to remain healthy, alive and keep them away from illness. Vegetables are among the nutritious foods that you should give to your hamsters. Give them different kinds of vegetables and not just one variety because they might suffer from diarrhea if they are feed only one kind of vegetable in a particular day. Carrots, cabbage and lettuce are among the veggies that hamster love to eat.

You should also feed your pet with protein-rich foods and not just vegetables. Several pet stores offer pre-mixed foods that are high in protein. Just make sure to get the best and trusted brand of pet food. You can also give your hamster fruits once in awhile. You can provide him with banana, cherries or apple. Just don’t give your pet too much fruits because some fruits carry too much sugar that is not healthy for your hamster’s body.

Milk is another treat that hamsters like and which you should give to your pet. Milk contains protein and vitamins that are great for keeping hamsters healthy. Expectant mother hamsters particularly love milk so make sure to give your hamster some milk to drink. Since hamsters are very lively and there are times when they might tip off their dish and spill the milk so you should buy a dish for your hamster that won’t tumble easily.

Another food that you can provide your pet hamster is hard-boiled egg. Hamsters love eggs and it will surely make them happy if you give them eggs to eat. However, do not forget to throw all boiled eggs left in the hamster cage after 24 hours because it might get contaminated with bacteria which can harm your pet. Same with any other food for hamsters, eggs you must be given only occasionally.

Another food that is rich in protein which you can give to your hamster is yeast. Yeast help reduce stress for hamsters so it is advisable to give your pet one tablet of yeast per week.

You are now knowledgeable on what foods and treats to give your hamsters, it is now time to be a responsible pet owner and provide your hamster all their basic needs.

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What Makes Hamster a Great Pet

Most households have pets at home. Some homeowners take care of dogs, cats or birds while others get hamsters as pet. Hamsters are becoming popular as household pet and even kids at home are now learning how to be responsible and take good care of their pet hamster. A lot of people find hamsters fascinating and fun to take care of. There are several other reasons why a hamster is a wonderful pet. Listed below are the reasons why you should get a hamster as a pet.

1.) Hamsters are cheap and do not require high maintenance.

Hamsters are not like other pets that need to eat expensive pet food, hamsters can eat different foods as long as they’re healthy for their body. Hamsters should be given a variety of vegetables, protein-rich foods, nuts, seeds and fruits. Fruits are suggested not to be taken too often because of the sugar content. In short, like humans, hamster should consume vegetables to remain healthy. They also need low upkeep because they occupy little space and their mess can easily be cleaned up. You can just clean their cage 2-3 times a week.

2.) Hamsters are clean and easy to handle.

Hamsters are not as dirty like other pets and they can stay clean for days. They can also easily adapt to their environment and can be tamed fast. Just make sure to buy a hamster that does not bite so no family member will get harmed. But don’t worry too much because a lot of hamsters can now be easily domesticated or trained. particularly if you play with them a lot.

3.) Hamsters like to play and are generally friendly.

Although hamsters are by nature antisocial but then once they get to socialize they can be friendly to us. They love to play so make sure you add toys inside their cages and just watching them play will certainly make you smile. Hamsters can help lighten you up especially when you’re depressed because just by watching the hamster move around and looking into their eyes, you will already feel happy.

4.) Hamsters got pouches.

Hamsters got pouches on the side of their head for them to stock the food they gather. It is certainly fun to see them collect and hide food on their pouches.

5.) Hamsters need little space.

A hamster can be kept in a cage which does not take a lot of space inside your home. Just make sure the cage is enough for your hamster to run around, play and exercise. Hamsters have to exercise so make sure to provide an exercise wheel or running ball for the hamster to workout.

Hamsters are really great pets that household owners should consider caring for. With enough knowledge on how to deal and take care of hamsters, it will be fun having hamsters around to brighten your day and make you smile.

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